Hepatitis B

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5 Responses

  1. In relation to our organization being mentioned in your blog, i would like to comment and correct you on the following statements:

    “Yes, the toxins could brought by an individual’s eating lifestyle; that is if an individual or person eats daily toxic-infested food like processed foods, one could accumulate toxins on one’s liver that could feed viruses that enters the human body from the air we breathe around us sometimes.”

    — the Hepatitis B virus is NOT airborne. there needs to be blood to blood contact for it to be transferred.

    “Therefore, since everyone do not know where the Hepatitis B virus is lurking in our surroundings, the best line of defense is eat and drink the right healthy natural organic foods and drinks, respectively daily and avoid too much consumption of toxic infested foods like dirty street foods and processed manufactured foods we bought in supermarkets.”

    — Hepatitis B virus is not acquired through eating street food. Perhaps you are referring to Hepa A.

    Next time, as a writer, kindly do due diligence of checking your facts before posting something. Thank you.

  2. Pinoy says:

    Hi po,good day.. 🙂

    I am very sorry for wrong and inaccurate data i present on my article and thank you so much for the correction 🙂

    FYI, i am not the owner of this blog, i am just a hired writer that has a privilege to access on the comment page in case a comment like yours appears so that i could correct my data..

    Thanks 🙂 goodluck to your organization 🙂

  3. Pinoy says:

    I hope this comment of mine and yours will not be deleted by the owner and administrator of this blogsite or this website…

  4. The Philippines says:

    No reason to delete a legit comment as long as it’s not spammy in any sense lol..

    Thanks for stepping forward Yellow Warriors, we stand corrected 😉


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