Climate Change in the Philippines

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3 Responses

  1. tom says:

    You did not tell bout special effects of climate change in the philippines. It would e interesting to hear from statistical drawn records or from personal experiences

  2. arneljordan says:

    may i appeal to the public that researches must be conducted focusing on the AWARENESS of Filipino people on climate change,,,make the students as respondents,,,i think results would be of great help on the recommendations of how we will or we able to cope with these environmental changes. Further, i believe that the education sector of the country will contribute a great factor on how to mitigate climate problems

  3. John Fowler says:

    I wish more people and environmental groups would address the root cause of environmental damage. All or most of these environmental issues would go away with a smaller population. As it is now, thanks to meddling from many religious organizations, not least of all the Catholic Church birth control is considered taboo to many people. This is sad, because if people had fewer children they could care for their families in a much better way and life would be more pleasant in general for them.