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PH Department Of Foreign Affairs Disputes EU Parliament Of Human Rights Abuse Resolution

Recently the Philippines experienced penetrating new allegations from European Union Parliament of human rights abuses and a possible trade sanctions against the Philippines which the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA strongly condemn it to be not true and accuse the European Union of obtaining information from militant group masquerading as legitimate civil society organization ; bitter journalist which have a political agenda rather than reporting news with fairness and truthiness; and from miserable political opposition of the current administration; than from a reliable and respectable resources.

The DFA also said the resolution issued by the European Union Parliament is to influenced the oncoming elections in the Philippines and interfere on it. “It stressed that the parliament’s resolution “is a clear attempt to influence the outcome of our coming elections in May instead of accepting the sovereign will of the Filipino people as manifested in the previous elections.”” (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

DFA said: ““The allegations raised in the resolution are unfair, largely baseless, prompted by European supporters of libelous journalists and bitter critics of the current administration because they miserably lost the previous election. The Resolution is based on a deliberately falsified impression of the actual human rights situation in the country. The Resolution is presumptuous given the historical record of its main proponents,”…. “Far from what is presented in the Resolution, the Philippines is a vibrant democracy that respects and protects the freedoms of every citizen; and upholds all their rights, preeminently the rights to life, liberty, and, above all, safety and protection from the lawless and violent,”…. “While the European Parliamentarians are once again calling on the Philippines to adhere to democratic principles that Filipinos have widely practiced in the performance and hardly if ever in the breach, they themselves have violated these principles; not least when they refuse to pay heed to the democratic will of the vast majority of the Filipino people who clearly support the present duly elected government and its policies,””