Natural Resources of the Philippines

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Natural Resources Philippines

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Resources In The Philippines

Nature Resources In The Philippines







Philippines Resources


Philippine Natural Resources







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The Philippines has abundant source of natural resources in areas such as agriculture, natural beauty and minerals.
The Philippines has fertile lands, diverse flora and fauna, extensive coastlines and rich mineral deposits. Thereís a wide variety of vegetation, different varieties of fruit bearing trees and fishes and seafood. Filipinos living in rural areas rely on mostly natural resources. They eat and cultivate their own plants and vegetables because it is easy to do so with fertile lands.

Endemic species in the Philippines includes the Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis) or also known as Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo which is classified as critically endangered. And the Tarsier (Haplorrhine Primates), which are local sensations, that tourists from all over the world are very much interested with.

The Philippines lack of predators with the exception of snakes. Because lions, tigers and the likes are can only be found in zoos. Snakes such as pythons, cobras and birds of prey such as the national bird known as the Philippine Eagle, are found in some parts of the Philippines. Other native animals include the Palm Civet Cat, the Mouse Deer, the Visayan Warty Pig and several species of bats.

Philippine rainforests boasts an array of flora including several types of orchids and rafflesia as (giant flowers).
Among the trees in the Philippines, the Narra tree is considered to be the most important type of hardwood while the Banyan Trees or ìBaleteî are situated in most areas.

The Philippines major crops includes rice, corn, sugarcane, abaca (kind of hemp), and tobacco. Among all these rice is the most important source of food along with corn.
Coconuts, mangoes, watermelons and other native fruits are important contributors to the nation’s income.

Due to the volcanic nature of the islandsí, mineral deposits are abundant and rich and it also allows the Philippines to become a powerhouse with regards to geothermal energy. The Philippine territorial waters encompass as much as 1.67 million KM. Producing unique and diverse marine life. The Philippines marine products include pearls, corals, crabs and seaweeds.


Download the Free Philippine Resources Ebook now!

Natural Resources Philippines

Download the Free Philippine Resources Ebook now!

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