Climate Of the Philippines

The climate of the Philippines is a tropical wet maritime climate dominated by a rainy season, dry season and a cool season that dominates on November to mid-February.
The summer monsoon in the Philippines brings heavy rains from May to October. The so-called winter monsoons bring cooler and drier air from December to February.

Certain places like Manila and most lowland areas are hot and dusty from March to May. Monsoon rains although hard and drenching are not normally associated with high waves and strong winds. The reason why the Philippines have a slightly bizarre climate is because it is geographically located at the typhoon belt and the country suffers an annual onslaught and dangerous storms from July to October.
An average of 6 to 7 tropical cyclones hit the Philippines per year. Some are very strong causing vast devastations some are not.

There are 4 categorizations of typhoons in the Philippines according to PAGASA.
1.    Tropical Depressions
2.    Tropical Storms
3.    Typhoons
4.    Super Typhoons

In 1991 tropical storm Thelma, killed thousands of people from itís resultant flooding, in 2006 tropical storm Milenyo did the same and recently last September of 2009 typhoon Ondoy did the very same.

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