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Road Accidents

What causes road related accidents? Actually, there are many factors that trigger the causes. In the Philippines, currently road accidents is the fourth leading cause of death among Filipinos and the Department of Health (DOH) feared that if this problem is not resolved quickly, road accidents could be the top leading cause of death among Filipinos by the year 2020.On 2006 alone there are already 15,000 cases of road related accidents and fatalities meaning almost every day there are 41 cases of road related accidents and deaths.

However, though there are many variety of factors that causes road related accidents and deaths, there is one major leading cause of it. That is, road accidents actually were largely caused by the lack of knowledge and understanding of motorists about traffic signs and road markings on the road as well as lack of personal precautionary measures when on the road.

But not only non-omniscient road motorists themselves contribute to their own respective accidents on the road, but also road ignorant people crossing the roads. However, the ignorance of the people is not actually their own fault but rather the fault of the government to ensure proper education of the people especially the motorists regarding traffic signs and road markings the government have installed, especially the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines who are in charge of this public obligation.

For since the Philippines have joined the Vienna Convention and concur to the international standard road signs imposed by the Vienna Convention, only after five years the Philippine government have applied that safety proper road education program it have agreed upon on the convention and however today despite the Department of Public Works and Highways(DPWH) created “hybrid” traffic road signs that has Tagalog translation for those Filipino who can’t understand the English version of the road signs, still road related accidents and fatalities were cause largely by the ignorance and disregard of these traffic signs and road markings. For sometimes, there are so-called traffic signs which are not really traffic signs at all or have not traffic redeeming values but just a mere a personal commercial establishment own road signs to promote one’s business establishment which consequently confuse the motorists and people on the road, thus it resulted into eventual disregard of real traffic signs and road markings by motorists and people crossing the roads.

There are a lot of initiatives by the government and non-government organizations to facilitate the proper and right education of motorists and people to bridge the gap of ignorance but to no avail, still there are road related accidents and fatalities cause by traffic road signs ignorance.

One of the famous road related initiatives of the current government administration is President Benigno Aquino III’s Anti-Wang Wang campaign on roads but yet it is ineffective for there are many motorists who still used wang wang and do counter flows in the traffic especially on Philippine provinces. But this famous traffic control management program is quite non sense because not only motorists who use wang wang just want to get over the volume of traffic one encountered on the road. For mostly, motorists who use wang wang are indeed in great emergency travel that need way to get into the urgent destination.

Riding on the motorcycle is the top vehicle involved on road related accidents met by Pinoys along the road;s econd is riding on the passenger bus wherein sometimes the passenger bus fell on the ravine of the road; and thirdly personal cars being hit on parts of the road during the wee hours of the morning.