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Tawi-Tawi Philippines

Tawi-Tawi Philippines, a Wild Haven

Far from the focal point of civilization and hubris of cityhood of the respective regions of the Philippine archipelago, Tawi Tawi Philippines has been the haven or sanctuary of most wild life on the bottom south of the Philippines specifically its wild faunas.

Tourists and Visitors were impressed of Tawi-Tawi’s natural zoo and exotic world which can be mainly seen at Sibutu-Sitangkai Island Groups of Tawi-Tawi Philippines. Sitangkai Island is dubbed as the “Venice of Tawi-Tawi” or “Venice of the Philippines” due to Boats are the primary means of transportation though there are some footbridges.

Its main wild fauna attraction is its multi-colored wild hogs; ranging the colors of this wild hog from black into reddish brown, spotted black and white, white, and others.

However, aside from wild hog, Tawi-Tawi Philippines also features a rare “Labuyo” (wild rooster) species and some edible bird species.Moreover,there are also wild cattles and monkeys. You could access this natural zoo of Tawi-tawi thorough motor launches called “kumpits” at the Chinese pier in Bongao.

Tawi Tawi Philippines is located at the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) which covers some islands in Sulu Sea and sharing sea borders with Malaysia and Indonesia, in case you are interested to pay visit. Yes, largely its people are Muslims or believers of Islam faith, thus it is included with the borders of Muslim Mindanao. Thus, Tawi-Tawi Philippines is also called Wildlife Mecca of the Philippines; wildlife plus Islam faith.

Tawi-Tawi provincial capital is Bongao, so if your destination is from Manila Philippines, you should took a flight for Zamboanga city which after will fly you into Bongao. However, if you are coming from Malaysia, you could take a passenger boat from the Port of Sandakan in Malaysia. It is probably estimated that it is only 4 hours away from Bongao.

Furthermore, aside from wild fauna you could see on Tawi-Tawi’s main islands, there are also white sand beaches you could visit on its bays: Salugan Bay, Buntay Bay, Banguillos Bay, Tinambol Bay, Parangan Bay, Lussum Bay, and Luuk Bay.

Aside from Bays, this bottom south of the Philippines has also a lot of Points you could traverse, namely, Sallugam Point, Tungbanghan Point, Talun Point, Kannan Point, Simambunan Point, Balimbing Point, Balukoko Point, Tampakan Point, Tana Point, and Sikapayan Point. Whoa! That’s a lot of Points to consider, is not it? Tawi-Tawi Philippines gets really wild.

Moreover, because it is an island province, Tawi-Tawi Philippines has also coral reefs you or one who has an eye and love for reefs, could enjoy. Its beautiful reefs are Biloc Biloc reef and Basibuli reef as well as the Gusong reefs where large number of turtle eggs you could found. Thus, this reef is considered as the second Turtle Island in the Philippines. Gusong reef can be found at Cagayan De Tawi-tawi.

There are also festivities which festival lovers could enjoy at Tawi-Tawi. These festivals are of course Muslim festivities, namely the Hariraya Puasa festival, the Hariraya Hadji, and the Amon Jaded festival.

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