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Pinas Ganda

So Beautiful Philippines?

Hmm, let me think about it….There seems to be a little bit irony of Department of Tourism’s newest slogan logo – “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”(Philippines So Beautiful)- though the Department of Tourism explains that the new slogan that has replace the old one –“WOW!Philippines”- depicts Filipinos warmness and hospitality and Philippines beautiful tourist spot sceneries. For the Philippines has been recently included on the list of most corrupt country in the world, not to mention the ever growing problems of poverty and unemployment, annual floods, crimes, and sexual perversions. Moreover, recently a young Filipino man has been arrested for doing serial killings of foreigners in the city of Angeles Pampanga which of course could bring fear and dread to some foreign tourists who visit the city and could abort, postpone or even cancel their plan tourist adventures in the Philippines.

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Slogan

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Slogan

Oh, who can forget the traumatic experiences of the Hong Kong tourists on the bus hostage tragedy last August 23,2010 wherein up to now, the case is not settled and there are many leaks of biases and power control on the reports. Has the Hong Kong already well satisfied about the reports?

We could state more disgusting things happening in the Philippines which bring great irony to the Department of Tourism’s newest slogan, but the question is why the Department of Tourism has made a slogan contrary to what is really happening now in the Philippines? The newest slogan for me, is not quite appropriate to what is currently happening in the Philippines, rather the old slogan is the more appropriate one – “WOW!Philippine”

Yes, “WOW!Philippines”. The recent happenings in the Philippines make us exclaim, “WOW!Philippines” on either good or bad happening now in the Philippines.

The Slogan Launch

The Slogan Launch

However, it is well understood that it is just a marketing strategy to lure foreign tourist to visit the Philippines and enjoy Philippines’ beautiful tourist attractions or even to invest on the Philippines for the Philippine is such a beautiful place, on scenery landscape sense.

Actually, there is no any country in the world that is so beautiful on moral and economic sense but on geographical sense there are many as many as the grain of sand. For there is no perfect governance; every country is tainted by crimes, sexual perversity, economic depression, corruption, etc. though their countries is rich in geographical gems and treasures. The problem actually is spiritual poverty. Perhaps, the country will only be so very “beautiful” if the country is not only rich in astounding beautiful geographical landscape but also rich in spirituality and economically.

Recently, this new Philippine tourism logo has already been scrap or removed due to heavy downpour or negative criticism about its designs even by lawmakers; especially the issue of plagiarism wherein the new Philippine tourism design or logo was allegedly an imitation of the Poland’s tourism logo. Moreover, the heavy downpour of negative criticism as well the plagiarism issue has led the new Philippine tourism secretary to resign on his office with great disappointment and left the design for the Philippine tourism logo on the Filipino public.

“The “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” slogan has been bitterly criticized by not only tourism industry leaders but also lawmakers.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago described it as “ignorant.” Other critics called it bland and unimaginative, and said that its being in the national language, not English, made it incomprehensible to the targeted international market.

Its logo also bore a strong resemblance to Poland’s tourism logo, prompting some critics to cry plagiarism.”

—Asian Journal

PNoy himself have ordered the scrapped of this new Philippine tourism logo and have planned to revert back the former Philippine tourism logo “WOW Philippines” coined by former Philippine Tourism secretary Richard Gordon.