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Hole In The Ground

Old Tunnel in the Philippines And Sinkholes

History books tell us what have happened in the past but its written chronicles we have on our history books never tells all. It just only narrates and highlights what it wanted to narrates and gives importance, thus sometimes our history books are bias and erroneous in story telling; and what it only wanted to tell and reveal to the unsuspecting public.

Just like the secret tunnel recently re-discovered at Makati city under EDSA by the workers of Manila Waters while digging and fixing some water lines; they said it is very large and wide tunnel wherein several damp trucks could fit in. Actually this large wide tunnel is just a recent rediscovery which was formerly discovered by the secret task force of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos who secretly dig for gold and gemstone for Marcos then. Actually on this tunnel, according to the testaments of this secret task force, they have found gold bars buried beneath it. The gold treasures is said to be part of the Yamashita treasure.

Real Japanese Tunnel in the Philippines

Real Japanese Tunnel in the Philippines

“In 1972, before the diggings happened, Marcos’ men discovered a vast tunnel “within the Pasig River” along what is now the Napindan flood control project, underground tunnels from the Fort Bonifacio military reservation up to Villamor Air Base and Bicutan-Taguig via Fort Bonifacio Army General Hospital..”

The huge tunnel origin or who constructed it was still unknown and not confirm but have speculations that it was quarry tunnel back then by [Japanese??] which is quite lame. For how can the Japanese built a very huge tunnel at the height of war against America then? Perhaps, the Japanese just already found the tunnel already build at the time they occupy the Philippines. it is either the Americans, the Spaniards or the Malay-Chinese natives of the Philippines back then have build the tunnel as passageway which was only buried at the passage of time and war.

However, until now there is no clear answer to this mysterious large wide tunnel in the Philippines of who build it and why it is build for.

In connection to this mysterious tunnel in the Philippines are the emergences of many sinkholes in the Philippines located at Baguio city, Surigao Philippines and Bohol city are just some handful examples. The mainstream geologists just speculate that limestones might have melted which cause sinkholes. But their speculations are just poor to be factual and true just like in the case of the large sinkhole shockingly appeared at Guatemmala. How can they explain such that it was only a mere corrosion and melting of limestones in the ground?

These sinkholes and large wide mystery tunnel in the Philippines only gave us a strong suspicion that the alleged underground tunnels built by the so-called reptilian species around the world to monitor humans above the earth’s crust, as well as the Hollow Earth theory could be true and fact wherein Adolf Hitler himself said that he has an invisible alien friends which are the source of his power and wisdom which resides on the inner center of the earth wherein he call them “Supermen”.

But I know, some who do not believe on the Hollow earth theory will dismiss this lightly saying that the inner earth is solid as it was depicted on the mainstream science books. But however, this science teachings on our science books is not truly fact because there are things we still do not know about planet earth and some science theories or some science facts are being updated and change like the Pluto which was a long time known science fact to be a planet but now astronomers dismiss this science fact already to be not true and Pluto is not actually a planet contrary to what we are long been indoctrinated to be a planet.

We will just update this article in the future.