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Iloilo city in the Philippines

Iloilo city Philippines

Iloilo city is one of the largest cities in the Philippines and at the Western Visayan Region as well. It is the capital city of the province of Iloilo Philippines. It is 55 minutes away from Manila Philippines if you happen to took a flight from Manila into this city. However, if you like sea adventure trip, it will take you 19 hours before you reach it if you travel from Manila Philippines.

Iloilo city Philippines is said to have a strategic location for business opportunities, thus Iloilo city is now known for it very robust Banking industry. Did you Know, Iloilo city host a variety of banking institutions? That is, from small into large bank companies, from commercial into universal, from thrift banking into saving, from rural or cooperative. And from local banks into foreign banks, all are in the heart of Iloilo city Philippines. Thus, it is now a hub for most trades, commerce, and industry business.

Iloilo city Philippines has two largest local banks and three foreign banks, namely the Valiant Bank and Queen City Development Bank, and Citibank, Maybank, and Standard Chartered Bank, respectively.

However, aside from banking and commercial industry, Iloilo city is also one of the largest Fishing Industry in the Philippines. That is because of its rich fishing grounds. Its Fish Port is funded in a multi-million budgets. For it is where the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center conducts aquatic research. Moreover, the center for marine and aquatic studies in the Philippines is in it. Did you know that the Iloilo Commercial Port complex is the first island Pier to exist in the Philippines?

However, if you love beaches, Iloilo city has also beaches you could enjoy. You could see it white sand beaches at Sicogon Island. Sicogon Island is of the Higantes Island within the municipality of Carles. Carles is a municipality at Iloilo Philippines. To get to Sicogon Island, if you happen to be at the Iloilo city itself, you can take a public transportation toward the municipality of Carles. The travel is 3-hours. And from the municipality of Carles, you could ride a motor boat to get into the island. However, if you happen to be at Manila Philippines, you could take the Roxas city route for it is said that it is near the municipality of Carles. Moreover, did you know that the beaches at Sicogon Island is more older and most famous beaches among tourist before Boracay Beaches is discovered and known?

There are also some historical sites one could visit at Iloilo Philippines, like the For San Pedro site,the La Villa Rica de Arevalo where Spaniards rule at that time.The Museo Iloilo where one could witness the preserved sunken British ship and Spanish artifacts memorabil,as well as the Local ILonggos crafts.

Aside from Museo Iloilo as a landmarks you could saw at Iloilo city, you could also see Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, the Molo Church, the Jaro Belfry, the Calle Real, the Arroyo Fountain, the Distrito Jaro, the Muelle Loney, and other beautiful landmarks which your eyes could feast.