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Piolo’s Mistake

After the controversial break-up of the famous Filipino celebrity real life erstwhile sweethearts KC Conception and Piolo Pascual, still Filipinos interpret the almost explicit meaning of the mushy statements of KC Conception on the TV program “The Buzz” as an indication of clear proof of conviction of the past lingering rumors that Mr. Piolo Pascual is indeed a gay man, though KC Conception never directly and plainly stated it as the cause of their break up!
According to her, all this time as she was in a relationship with Mr. Pascual, as a real woman she can’t even find the man every woman look for a man in a heterosexual relationship from Mr. Pascual. Yet despite of this missing piece she diligently seek and expect from Mr. Pascual as a standard qualification or distinction of a real man, she still patient and longsuffering to understand Mr. Pascual all the way for she believes that Mr. Pascual is a good man and because she loves Mr. Pascual.

But she is only human and woman that need the real affection of a real man and this overwhelming lacking in her relationship with Mr. Pascual have already finally drive her to succumb into a realization that she could not be the one Mr. Pascual really need and that Mr. Pascual could be looking for someone which every real woman like her could not give. She finally break her silence and sob in a national television on the Philippine TV program “The Buzz” and reveal she has been keeping all this time in her heart in her relationship with Mr. Pascual.

Consequently, the general Filipino public are quick to conclude and judge that Mr. Pascual is indeed gay and some uneducated Filipinos even mock Mr. Pascual on social networking sites hoping they could find revenge for Ms. Concepcion but to no good because these Filipinos who mock Mr. Pascual as gay only shows that Filipinos have base morals and practicing hate crime against homosexuals. It is understandable that there is no law that punishes hate activities in the Philippines since it is a “demo-crazy” form of government, thus any one can do whatever they want to do.

Moreover, this mal-educated Filipinos even accused Mr. Piolo Pascual of deceiving the public for hiding his real gender and pretend to be straight gay without even a confirmation from Mr. Pascual himself that he is indeed gay man. And though he may be a gay man, it is understandable for a closet gay to not reveal their real gender on the intolerant and morally hypocrite public; much even more, if one is a famous celebrity. If ordinary common closet gay guys felt the fear, pressure and suffering for hiding their real color; what more if one is a famous celebrity like Mr. Pascual?

But some Filipino do not understand this because some Filipinos are morally hypocrite because Catholicism dominates their moral line of thinking, thus influenced and brainwashed to hate homosexuals.
This could be Piolo’s biggest mistake in his own career if some Filipinos are still close-minded about whatever the reason for his break-up with Ms .Concepcion that he should quickly fix before his showbiz career will slowly fade away.

Some of KC Concepcion’s statement that brings someone to think that Mr.Pascual could be gay :

“May mga hinahanap ako na napaka basic lang na hanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend,sa isang lalaki.Ayoko nang pumunta pa sa details kasi ayaw kong siraan siya..” (“There are that I am looking for which is basic for a woman to look for a boyfriend, for a man. I don’t want to go further in the details for I don’t want to malign him”)

“Masakit man sabihin,siguro ay nag-fail din ako dahil hindi ako ‘yung Kailangan niya sa buhay niya.Or hindi ako ‘yung hinahanap niya sa buhay niya.And hindi,hndi ko maibigay sa kanya ‘yung kailangan niya” (Even if it is hard to say it,perhaps I fail also that I am not the one he needs in his life. Or I am not the one he is looking for in his life. And I am not able to give that what he needs.”)

Rabid Admiration

The Danger of Being a Star

Being a celebrity and adorned and admired by many seems to be pleasant and inspirational (that is, inspired to be a celebrity someday) when one is not on the position of the celebrity being adorned and admired if you are one of the many fans giving admiration to the celebrity or showbiz star. Is not it? But have you wondered what is the price you will pay for being a famous and popular or being a showbiz star and celebrity? Of course, some of you will say “a lot of work on beautification, proper etiquette on public, intrigues and controversies, an overload of movie and TV projects to finish or film and a lot of shows and tours to attend with, which is indeed really true. However, the greatest at stake to pay being on the spotlight is what happened to the famous onscreen teen love team of Philippine Teen actors Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu, that is to received death threats from their other rabid fans who are greatly obsess for their reel and real life romance to remain intact, wherein of course, a celebrity or showbiz stars like them will find it hard to remain on the open public in fear of a lingering danger that these rabid fans of them will shoot them suddenly. For as a celebrity you did not exactly know who this fan of yours is giving you such dread and threats. It is fearful, is not it?

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

However, not all fans are violent of course, there are only such kinds. Fans are very important to make a star a Star. Perhaps, if one is a celebrity, one should always be wary regarding such kind of fans or admirers.

The death threats were reported by actor Gerald Anderson himself to clarify the rumors regarding it. According to him, it comes from unknown fans that got disappointed with his breakup with Kim Chiu and his rumored romantic engagement with actress Bea Alonzo, where she too, as reported also received death threats cause by it.

Currently, everything is okay and fine-though the two teen actors have of course some dreads-which is really good for according to reports not all fans of actor Gerald Anderson and actress Kim Chiu were rabid or violent but majority are well mannered good fans. Perhaps, it is just showbiz propaganda to ruin the shining and glittering careers of actors Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu.

The Popularity Factor in Philippine Politics

Popularity Factor in Philippine Politics

Politics in the Philippines is not only populated with well educated people ranging from license lawyers, economists, and successful business persons, but also by Philippine Showbiz personalities like the ex-axed Philippine president Joseph “Erap” Estrada, senator Ramon Revilla Sr. and his son Bong Revilla, the ex-Philippine basketball superstar senator Robert Jaworski, the always reelected Lipa Batangas Mayor Vilma Santos, and other showbiz personalities and celebrities that were voted by the Pilipino mass then and now; who are sometimes never graduated college, high school or even grade school or elementary yet have got a seat on the Philippine government surpassing those non-showbiz personalities who are more educated than them.

It seems popularity is a plus factor in Philippine politics if one wanted to run for any government seats that have sure fire support of the Philippine masses. This is politics in the Philippines in terms of choosing a leader to govern the entire Philippine country itself or a part or place in the Philippines.

Though you are buffeted with some negative publicity, if Pilipinos find you popular or you are known personality in the Philippines, still you will get a higher percentage of votes of Pilipinos. But though you are an intelligent and well educated person, if you have not yet made a name among many Pilipinos, for sure you will get a very lesser percentage of votes of Pilipinos.