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PNP Ghost Retirees 0

PNP Ghost Retirees

Police in the Philippines has been on the seat of controversies nowadays; from police brutality into police/military hazing into AFP’s alleged graft and corruption, now recently, the Philippine National Police (PNP) have discovered so-called...

Police New Deceitful Look 0

Police New Deceitful Look

Dressing Up Like a Model? Can overhauling the physical looks and image of Filipino policemen bring back their dignity and trust of the public against the recent mar and stain brought by Police brutality...

Morally Corrupt Policemen 0

Morally Corrupt Policemen

PNP Police – “Palo Ng Palo” Police? In order for a police to be truly policemen or women, one must know how to police himself or herself, lest he or she will abuse the...