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Morally Corrupt Policemen

PNP Police – “Palo Ng Palo” Police?

In order for a police to be truly policemen or women, one must know how to police himself or herself, lest he or she will abuse the authority that is granted to him or her; in short, a true police should be not only physically fit and well but also spiritually or mentally fit and well in order to do his or her duty well. But how come, according to the Philippine National Police (PNP) that last year 2010, there are 2,165 cases of police brutality complained, if the Philippine National Police (PNP) of the Philippines rightly recruits and train a would-be police? Yes, actually the Philippine National Police (PNP) admitted that they lack and lapsed in recruiting and training properly their cadets or would-be police and a failure to discipline those abusive ranking policemen. Yes, we are already there, but the question now, is why? This only means that the training course they trained their policemen is still barbaric in style and not yet intelligently advanced morally and spiritually. They might have an advanced technology on policing activities but what about their spiritual training how to handle the authority and power that will be given to them? Do they have training on this matter? I bet none, because as we all know the military and police training only concentrate on Physical strength and discipline and only a “fear factor” submissive style to honor and respect those who are in authority or higher rank.

Philippine National Police (PNP)

Philippine National Police (PNP)

Moreover, the “sin and punish” style of morally disciplining a policemen is a barbaric and cruel style which the would be policemen do also imposed to those whom they caught as criminals or law-breakers, thus police brutality and cruelty arise because of the morally perverted concept of “once sinned, one is a bad/evil person that should be punished” or “once sinned, one should be punished”.

This moral and spiritual perversity not only lingers on the training camps and minds of cadets and policemen and women but also on organized religious sectors which influences people to buy and lived with this kind of inhumane, barbaric and robotic moral concept. This concept took away the “human-loving and understanding side” but replaces it with “hard-heartedness discipline” which this “once sinned, one should be punished” concept. It is a robotic and puppet like moral concept that took away the heart but replaces it with machine heart manipulated by auto-mechanical run process, similar to a robot.

A culture without a true human heart is a damaged and perishable culture whose eventualities are chaos and destruction.

But sad to say, most people in the world subscribe their minds to this heartless moral concept due to influenced of the organized religions that sown viruses minutely to humans contrary to what they preach about the “goody” tidings.

This concept should be eliminated and replace by a very humane concept together with the advanced technology we humans have invented, to eliminate police brutality.

Though the Philippine National Police (PNP) boasted that they have now upgraded their leadership and police training course “ “A three-strike policy shall be implemented against the immediate police supervisors or commanders of erring police personnel who commit grave misconduct”; and have vowed to do a complete background check of all police recruits (because the major cases of police brutality were done by police rookies); the concept I mention should be corrected for the sake that if they can’t find a psychologically and morally fir recruits (because, truly it is hard to determine such in the recruiting process, though there are many tests, for there are current cases of police brutality that were done by rookies who have passed such kind of test in the recruiting and training process) at least they could control their acts by instilling a right mindset and concept for their policing activity.