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Philippine Under Interrogation

Has Human Rights wholly executed and upheld in the Philippines? What about extrajudicial killings or the so-called “summary execution” killings perpetrated by unknown vigilantes?; crimes brought by various aspects and sorts is not yet included there on the list of human rights violations.

The right to live and have improve lifestyle is not yet met in the Philippines for the rates of criminality brought by unemployment status, religious factions that secretly sack and kill one another, group activists that secretly also kill one another because of opposing views; unjust public trials of innocent personalities like former Philippine president now Pampanga representative Miss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, as well as the unjust public trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona; not to mention the public trial of former Philippine president Joseph “Erap” Estrada, as well as the unjust acknowledgement and labeling of the former Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos for his accomplishment to improve Philippine lifestyle that was marred by political agenda by the Aquinos and Conjuanco due to Hacienda Luisita case; the Hacienda Luisita killings which the current Philippine president Noynoy is involved with; the Mendiola Massacre during former Philippine president Corazon “Cory” Aquino; those innocent people that are being frame –up and jailed and sentence without proven guilty of the accusations wherein they are not guilty upon like the case of Leo Echagaray; and so many human rights violations.

Yet ,the current Philippine government – the Aquino administration is so Hypocrite and Self-righteous in their claim that or boast of improver upheld-ment of human rights whereas the United Nations Human Rights Watch reported in dismay that : “ ….. In 2011, Human Rights Watch documented at least 10 cases of killings and disappearances attributed to the security forces that occurred during Aquino’s first year in office. Not a single suspect has been successfully prosecuted in any of these cases….”

However, the Aquino BIAS Philippine Newspaper – Philippine Daily Inquirer- reports:

“Malacanang yesterday maintained that there was an improvement in the human rights situation under President Aquino compared to previous years, and said that there was a decline in the number of extrajudicial killings in the past three years..”

This report in the Aquino Bias Philippine Daily Inquirer is a blatant lie, as well the reports of the Aquino administration in compare to documented reports of the United Nations Human Rights Watch’s Universal Periodical Reviews (UPR) quoted earlier above.

Meanwhile, the “..the past three years” mentioned in the column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer as well as the report of the Aquino administration which Noynoy claim is NOT really His or not really done under his administration but rather under the Administration of former Philippine president Miss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the Human Rights Watch verified and documented : “…..Since 2008 however, the government has successfully prosecuted only four cases of extrajudicial killings, all under the previous administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo….”

What a blatant Lie the Philippine Daily Inquirer have reported as well as the Big Lying Lips of Noynoy and his KKK!

However, even the activist group Bagong Alyasang Makabayan reported not accurately and did not report or proclaim what former Philippine president now Pampanga representative Miss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo verified accomplishment regarding Human Rights implementation but avoid reporting it on the same column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer because this activist group is also Anti-GMA activist group.

“The Philippine report is very underwhelming and provides no clear measure of progress in Philippine human rights situation. On the contrary ,the report glosses over the continuing human rights violations such as extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances..”, said by Renato Reyes of Bagong Alayansang Makabayan.

What about the successful four cases of Human Rights upheld-ment as reported and documented by the United Nations Human Rights Watch, Mr.Renato Reyes?

This militant activitist group sometimes their fellow activists groups are the ones who kill and kidnapped and ambushed one another ‘s activists group yet blame everything in the government yet they are the ones who violate their human rights; or in Tagalog, ”Sila- Sila Mismo ang Nagpapatayan..tapus pina sho-shoulder sa government ang kabalastugan at kagaguhan nila..” They are the one who create frequent human violations or frequent extrajudicial killings like killing journalist because these activists group do not like what they hear and read on media and they hire to kill the journalists they hate and loath.

Meanwhile, at the end of this month ,May 2012,or for specific at May 29,2012 the Philippines is set to be interrogated by at least 70 countries in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Council through United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review(UPR) that will assess the Philippines to its commitment to implement and ensure human rights.

According to Human Rights Watch, the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III “…has failed to take significant measure to prosecute members of the military, police, and militias implicated in extrajudicial killings, torture, and enforced disappearances…”

The Human Rights Watch found the Aquino administration lacking and lying on their human rights report.

“UN member states should see through the Philippine government’s rhetoric and question the lack of progress on accountability over the past four years, The Universal Periodic Review is an important opportunity to hold the Philippine government to its word.”, said by Elaine Pearson, a deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

Moreover, in particular according to Human Rights Watch, the Philippine government’s claim of human right progress in some areas, take for example, such as training state security forces to respect human right; are just a deflection or excuses and pretensions to cover up (or pa “pogi” lang or panakip-butas) its great failure to investigate, arrest and prosecute those who are really and true responsible for Human Rights abuses.

The worst is, the Aquino administration, just pinpoint anyone it wants to indict without investigating first accurately if the indicted person Noynoy have accused of is the real culprit or not; just like Noynoy foolish indictment to former Philippine president now Pampanga representative Miss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Philippines in its first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on the year 2008 (United Nation member states or countries are examined once every four years and now the Philippines will undergo its second examination),according to Human Rights Watch, member countries at then propose a 17 (seventeen) recommendations to the Philippines in order to improve its human rights record that ranges from improving gender rights, eliminate extrajudicial killings wherein the Philippines accepted 11(eleven) of these 17(seventeen) recommendations from member countries, which include “…to completely eliminate torture and extrajudicial killings.. to intensify its efforts to carry out investigations and prosecutions on extrajudicial killings and punish those responsible.” ; but the Philippine government greatly FAIL!

However, according to Human Rights Watch, during the nine years of the administration of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, there are four cases of extrajudicial killings that successfully prosecuted.

But on the first year of administration of Noynoy Aquino, according to United Nation’s Human Rights Watch, there are ..”..at least 10(ten) cases of killings and disappearance attributed to the security forces that occurred during Aquino’s first year in office. Not a single suspect has been successfully prosecuted in any of these cases..”

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report says that the Philippines is expert in creating Human Rights Task Forces like Task Force Usig,Task Force Against Political Violence, Special Task Force to Address Extrajudicial Killings, and Enforced Disappearance but none of these bodies have successfully done its purpose but all fails; except for only four successful cases at the time or at the administration of former Philippine President now Pampanga Representative Miss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“The Philippine government is relentless in its pursuit of creating human rights task forces..if only officials were just as relentless in pursuing the perpetrators of military abuses so that the victims might get justice..Instead of bolstering investigatory capabilities and improving cooperation with civilian authorities the human rights offices of the military and police have downplayed new abuses..”

However, according to Human Rights Office of the Philippine Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),said in contrast against the United Nations’s Universal Periodical Reviews(UPR) Human Rights Watch reports, “… the absence of prosecutions was because all of the human rights violation cases tagging military personnel were only accusations and did not produce sufficient evidence against soldiers. In line with the AFP’s zero-tolerance for human rights campaign, cases, particularly those on extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearance and torture that informed armed forces officers and personnel are acted upon by Human Rights Officers in accordance with due process of law and the military justice system.”

But the United Nations’ Human Rights Watch contended against the Philippine government’s own human rights report by Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), that “… the military’s Human Rights Office has not revealed the details of the cases that have been investigated and acted upon.. In practice, the military’s Human Rights Office both investigates abuses and publicly defends the military when soldiers are implicated in rights violations – contradictory functions that undermine the office’s credibility..”

Moreover, the Human Rights Watch has urged member countries of the United Nations in the Human Rights Council to make specific and time bound recommendations to the Philippine government that will address impunity and should order “…the police and National Bureau of Investigation to pursue vigorously serious rights violations linked to the security forces. If cases are not properly investigated, the government should take appropriate disciplinary measures for insubordination and undertake criminal investigations for obstruction of justice, graft, or corruption…” and furthermore, the member countries of the United Nations that will instigate the Philippines, recommend to “.. ban all paramilitary and militia forces because of their long and continuing history of serious human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said. While the government asserted in its UPR report that it has “dismantled and neutralized” many “private armies,” it said nothing about state-backed paramilitaries…”,the Human Rights Watch said.

Life in the Philippines

What Filipinos are living for and how they survive their mortal existence everyday? The diverse source of the conglomerated Philippine culture has brought a very diverse Philippine lifestyle for most Filipinos today. A legacy of way of life transferred to them by their diverse ancestors from different cultures from different countries that have conquest and put their own mark at the Philippine archipelago. How does an ordinary Filipino live up to their mixed Philippine culture and complex Philippine lifestyle?

Like any other nation, Family first is chiefly the top priority of an ordinary Filipino today. Filipino value most their respective families, this was mostly displayed or dramatized artfully in their cinemas and literature. Their earnings were all devoted for their families and loved ones other than themselves, As if they only live for their families. Filipinos are family-oriented and have a family-centered lifestyle or largely, Philippine lifestyle is more of the family than to oneself alone.

However, patriotisms, some said are the driving force of Filipinos, but actually if you look deeply their social awareness, you could discern that there is major reason for this ardent patriotism attitude. That is, love for their families also. Of course, if there is a threat of financial economic crisis across the country, if there are corrupt officials stealing government moneys, the one who will be greatly affected by it is your family also. Filipino patriotism is the result of their ardent true love for their families. This one distinct Philippine culture of Filipinos unites them in their respective diverse lifestyle. For they are only divided due to their differing beliefs, traditions, ideologies and philosophies, languages, arts and literatures which they only inherited from their different ancestors. For the Philippine culture or the Philippine society is largely, a religious-multi-ethic society. The Philippines is composing of three large religious systems, namely Christianity (with diverse so-called Christian churches and organization, from Roman Catholic to protestant to Seventh day Adventist to Iglesia Ni Christo, etc.), Islam (compose of those benevolent ones and those Muslim extremist in southern Mindanao which kidnap tourist in the country wherein the Philippine government have a great struggle fighting against them), and those who has a different religion or systems of belief.

These differing beliefs sometimes collide and cause chaos and disputes within the Philippine community. This is largely the cause of miscommunication among Filipinos.

However, aside from family ties that unites Filipinos and from their differing religious beliefs, there is also this “bahala na” or “lets see” belief or philosophy which unites Filipinos. Almost Filipinos share this belief when they are in the brink of uncertainty. Moreover, there is also this pakikisama”or“go with the flow” attitude largely among Filipinos. If you do not “go with the flow’, some Filipinos brand you as or have put them in shame.

There is also an attitude that impresses some tourist or foreigners toward Filipinos- the Filipino Hospitality. If you are guest, Filipinos will warmly entertain you and make you feel at home.

This warm hospitality of Filipinos attracts more foreigners to keep on coming back into the Philippines.