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Regenerative Medication

What is regenerative medicine? An anti-aging and rejuvenation medicine? So it speaks, is not? – Regenerative.

But as I know, cells regenerate themselves every after a good night sleeps and through eating fresh and raw foods and drinks or when a person or animals ate nutritious or foods and beverages that has nutrients; but mostly or especially raw fresh fruits and vegetables that has enzymes and a number of good bacterias and good microorganism that could regenerate the body; as was as fresh pure mineral water that has natural electrolytes, enzymes, and vitamins and minerals that both feed and heals the human and animal humus bodies. So what is this Regenerative Medicine lingering on the Philippines leading medical hospital – St. Luke’s Medical and the Medical City in Pasig?

Regenerative medicine is a personalized molecular medicine..”..which is very labor intensive, requiring a large number of trained molecular biologists and biochemists who work closely with clinicians in customizing treatment according to the molecular characteristics of the patient’s condition..”

It is using the stem cells or extra cells of the patients to treat inflictions and infirmities on the patient’s body so as to “go with the flow” the stemmed cells on the inflicted part of the patient to the natural healing process of the body.

It is using the extra cells of the patients or in other cases using other human adult cells, umbilical cord stem cells, embryonic cells, cells of aborted fetus and animal stem cells, as medicine for healing or regeneration and rejuvenation of the body. The purpose of medicine is for healing or in other words, for regeneration, but there are some medical drugs or pharmaceutical drugs that rather regenerates or heal the patients, it instead degenerate or inflict more the patients or reverse the process of healing or bring to life the patients humus body.

“The most effective and safest cells to use for treatment in human are human adult cells,(especially the natural healing cells from the bone marrow) and human umbilical cord cells, according to Bernal. Human adult and umbilical cord stem cells are also morally, ethically and legally acceptable, unlike embryonic, aborted fetus, genetically altered, and animal stem cells..”

Stem cell therapy is the way or alternative means of medical doctors in the Philippines as well as to medical doctors around the world to compete the battle against natural herbal medication, so also to make their treatment also natural to compensate for the lost of profits due to some campaigns against the ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs.

According to Deputy executive director of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in East Avenue at Quezon City; Doctor Dante Dator, “…stem cell-based therapy is emerging as new concept for the treatment of various diseases. Owing to the extraordinary advances taking place in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, we are slowly moving from just offering mechanical care to biological solutions..” which the medical doctors in the Philippines and by respected hospitals in the Philippines is trying to incorporate on their therapy or expertise on servicing their patients a new kind of treatment that is effective and natural compare to the natural herbal medication phenomena.

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute or NKTI in the Philippines is the pioneer of stem cell therapy in the Philippines which have performed a stem cell transplantation in the Philippines since 1990 and has performed peripheral blood stem cell transplant since 2001, which some Filipinos may not know well. So far, their medical facilities and equipment has been modernized and upgraded similar to what is found in the United States.

“A lot of people may not know this, but [The National Kidney and Transplant Institute or] NKTI’s stem cell transplantation Program has been performing blood and bone marrow transplantation procedures for years and had improved survival for a number of our patients who suffer from diseases like leukemia and lymphomas..”

Dr. Dante Dator said, not that the National Kidney and Transplant Institute or NKTI is the leading medical center or hospital in the Philippines in the field of stem cell transplantation or cellular regeneration therapy or widely known as stem cell therapy; but have also doctors trained with world’s leading institutions, particularly, the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) which he work with world-renowned physicians and scientists..” whose goal is to find a cure, rather than merely to treat a disease..”

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, “…was the first in the world to engineer laboratory grown organs that were successfully implanted into humans..” and,”…a leader in translating scientific discovery into clinical therapies…

The Philippines is bless to have to this kind of treatment.. “..why would a Filipino seeking the very best care stay here in the Philippines and not to fly to the United States?..”, because the best care is already here in the Philippines no more to fly overseas if sick or heavily inflicted disease Filipinos would to seek advanced medication abroad.

“Many Filipinos may not realize this but the Philippines is now regarded as one of the leaders in regenerative medicine considering that a number of medical institutions here. The Medical City included, have spent not only hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring the latest and most sophisticated equipment but also in acquiring personnel who trained under the watchful eye of world renowned experts if not pioneers in their respective fields..”

Actually, the National Kidney and Transplant Institute or NKTI is set to collaborates a clinical trial with Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine or WFIRM using a tissue engineered bladders or using advanced stem cell therapy for the benefit of Filipino patients.

“We do hope that with this collaboration we can give the same value of care to Filipinos patients…it is no longer impossible or beyond the realm of possibility that the few of us could now provide the expertise and best services that patients seek…”,added more,”…the doctors [in the Philippines] can now select a therapy or treatment protocol based on patient’s molecular profile that may not only minimize harmful side effects and ensure a more successful outcome, but can also help contain costs compared with a trial-and-error approach to disease treatment….”

Filipino patients are of no worries regarding such treatment because, doctors on such specialization are “…armed with the right training and competent personnel, I believe that we can incorporate regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in the clinical armamentarium for the Filipino patients…”

Not only in the National Kidney and Transplant Institute or NKTI, Medical City in Pasig and St ,Luke Medical Center were at already in the stem cell therapy kind of treatment or treating a degenerative diseases or any kind and sort of diseases as new breakthrough alternative for healing and regeneration of the body,”..other leading medical institutions in the country[Philippines] are also beefing up their facilities that involved stem cell-based therapy…”
However, to brush off or brush away worries or anxieties that a Filipino would be apprehensive over such treatment because it is scrapping their tissue or cells or grapping other cells or tissue from for instance from stem cell of animals into their bodies or cellular make-up in order for them to be regenerate or be heal from, their diseases, the doctors involved on such or specialized on such kind of treatment, according to them would be able to convince patients to undergo such and nothing wrong will happen and everything is okay.

“Before we could even convince patients, we need to assure them that their cells will be processed by one of the most experienced staff and advanced facilities in the region. We offer ultraclean room facility that can handle cell-based products, and culture facility; sophisticated procedure to isolate stem cell (magnetic-activated cell sorting); meticulous quality control and documentation; high-end equipment that are operated by experienced scientists; and established system to monitor the patient’s progress..”, according to the head of Makati Medical Center Cellular Therapeutics Laboratory.