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A Brief Summary of Philippine Culture

The Filipinos does not come out into the world just as they are now today. The Philippine is not a pure cultured country and neither the Filipinos’ blood that runs within their veins pure – for just like the intermarriage of different cultures into the fabric of Philippines culture so also the Filipino is a product of the marriage of different races who conquer the archipelago- nor their dominant beliefs and traditions today is a pure culture of their own.

For the Philippine culture is a mixed conglomeration of different culture taken from and influenced by those who conquest it since the beginning of its arousal from the beds of the Pacific Ocean.

Historically, it was said that the first inhabitants who settled on the Philippine archipelago are the Negritos and their fellow Australoid Sakai race who migrated from the South Asia during the Pleistocene Era who cross the soil bridge toward the Philippine archipelago whose culture become the first Philippine culture ever recorded in the Philippine history. However, their cultures have not become the dominant culture of Filipinos today but somehow have some traces of it like fishing. But the most influential race that migrated into the Philippine archipelago that marks a great impact on the Philippine culture today and that shape the Filipinos today are the Malay race.

The Malay race are said to be the second group who inhabited the country who come from Taiwan or Formosa then. They are called Austronesian or Malayo-Polynesian people. They have a more advance culture than the Negritos. For they are highly civilized race that has brought and shape the Philippine literature, Philippine art, and the Philippine government today altered only by the culture of the Spaniards and American conquerors who conquest the Philippines whom these conquerors have injected and intermixed on it. Thus, this conglomerated culture has now become the modern day culture of the Filipinos today.

One of the culture that mostly influence the Filipino today from both Malay, Spaniards and Americans, that affects predominantly the Philippine literature and Philippine art is Malay’s native and Islam beliefs and the Spaniards and Americans Roman Catholicism beliefs or the catholic Christianity. For most of the writings of the Filipino writers and authors today, have either a reflection or vestiges of their Islam and Malay philosophy or catholic Christian beliefs, as well as the art of their wrings and the designs of their books.

You could check them up their writings on their books available at the Philippine national Library or you could buy their books at National Bookstore Philippines number one source of Filipino books and writings for sale today. However, you could also see some writings of the ancient Filipino writers at the National Library which varies from epics, dramas, idioms (bugtong), riddles (palaisipan), talinghaga, sayings, hymns, salawikain, and many other similar writings. Some of this writings were even dramatized by some Filipino artist at the Cultural Center of the Philippines – the country’s culture and arts center.

Moreover, not only some Filipino artist dramatized these ancient Filipino writings but at their performance they also display the Filipino artistry in terms of their clothing designs which the ancient Filipinos used to wear, the way Filipino dance and sings, the rituals and ceremonies Filipino held, and other Filipino culture which Filipino inherited from the foreigners who conquest their country and as well as who form the way the Filipinos are now.