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Negosyo Alternative

Today, there are many micro-financing institutions and organizations that helps the financially poor sector of the Philippines arise from their respective poverties by helping them through providing financial assistance and free training course or seminars on how to manage and grow the monetary assistance given them or grant to them as the chosen valid benefactor of the said micro-finance institution, agency or organization.

One of the leading micro-finance institution in the Philippines is the GoNegosyo which is also endorsed by the Philippine government to help alleviate poverty in the Philippines by compelling Filipinos, especially those who work outside the Philippines or the Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW who have a large salaries to invest into a business venture here in the Philippines in order to help and facilitate job creations through their erected business or Negosyo.

Not only those Filipinos who work abroad or beyond the Philippine archipelago but also, GoNegosyo persuades those ordinary Filipinos having hard time and difficulty on finding a right job for them by going into a business so that they could have an income finally and able to help also their fellow unemployed Filipinos by generating jobs for them through the establishment of their business if they GoNegosyo or if they Go Business instead as an alternative to end their unemployed status.

GoNegosyo due to its endeavor to alleviate the poor conditions of the poor sectors in the Philippines by making them rich through business investing undertakings, have won recognitions and awards.

Now, another micro-financing organization has received recognition from their endeavors; that is the Hapinoy Program.

The Hapinoy Program Team has won the top prize in this year’s United Nations Project Inspire Competition which bested over the 400 entries all over the world.

United Nations Project Inspire is a worldwide competition of social projects and endeavors having the goal on empowering poor or disadvantaged children and women in the society wherein the winner in their competition will start or will expand their project in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa helping and assisting disadvantaged women and children with education, skills training, and social entrepreneurship with financial assistance included. The Top winner will win $ 25,000.

The Hapinoy Program is a micro enterprise development program that sought to help and improve the lives and livelihood of Filipino women on the countryside, which currently have evolved into a micro, small, medium and enterprises community.

The word “Hapinoy” is a hybrid word combining “Happy (Hapi)” and “Pinoy”; thus, “Hapinoy” but actually, in my own opinion, it has a wrong rendition, it should be “HapiNay” because it just concentrates and helps on helping Filipino women (Pinay) especially Filipino mothers (Nanay or Nay for short) in their lives and livelihood and not exactly the whole Filipino citizens (Pinoy) that makes them Happy (Hapi)