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Bias Philippine Newspaper Plus Seven

Who would think that the so-called No. 1 Philippine Newspaper in the land or in the Philippines could be the No.1 idiot and Bias newspaper in terms of accurate journalism in the land or idiot Newspaper in the Philippines? Or are they just faking their statistics that they are number one newspaper just like or similar to deliberate public deception of the so-called No.1 TV station in the Philippines – the GMA Channel 7 –wherein they already admitted their bankruptcy and low ratings or their clear deliberate deception to their viewers and to their loyal viewers.

“…For if they rule the Philippine Television how come they themselves admit that they lost revenues mostly last year and the TV network is for auction and PLDT/Smart/Sun/TV5 chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan is buying the TV network for P60 billion pesos?…”
“…Our net income took a beating..We experienced the lowest net income level, of the past 5 years in the 4th quarter of 2011..”,admitted and verified by GMA Channel 7 vice president for finance, Ronaldo P. Mastrili.

Added to that, the GMA 7 “Kapuso” chair and CEO Felipe L. Gozon is sure to sell the TV network to PLDT/Smart/Sun/TV5’s chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan for P60 billion pesos but Pangilinan wants to buy the TV network between P45 billion pesos and P51 billion pesos….“”Kung may mag-o-offer ng P500 billion, kahit tulog ako, gisingin n’yo ako, I will sell.”

Therefore, the rumor is true that it could be the end of GMA 7 or let us see what will happen next though the TV network executives are denying it on media….”

Oh my gracious! This can’t be!

How come the number one TV station Daw is in partnership with the number one Newspaper in the Philippines Daw; Very Nice Partnership: the one deliberately lying on the TV ratings and the other one deliberately lying on their journal reports.WOW What a perfect Partnership which they call “INQ7.NET” or “INQ7 Interactive Inc” ; Is this a code to crack their LIES? Let’s see INQ stands for what?
Yes, you are right thephilippines.ph readers, INQ stands for “INQUIRER”; while the number 7(seven) stands for GMA Channel 7.
That is to say INQ7 is inquiring for SHIT (Siete : 7) news and write ups that are so obviously bias camouflaging to be True DAW.
“INQ7.net will now serve as a portal for the Inquirer.net and the gmanews.tv websites,”

“..INQ7 Interactive Inc. is a joint venture between two giants in Philippine media — the Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc., the country’s most widely circulated broadsheet, and GMA Network Inc., the most awarded broadcast company. Combining original content with material from the Inquirer, GMA and other partners, INQ7.net provides the most comprehensive coverage throughout the site’s different sections, including Nation, Breaking News, Editorial & Opinion, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Metro, Regions, World News, Sports and Infotech…”

Ani ni Mike Enriquez : “Walang Kinikiling, Walang Pinoprotektuhan, Walang Kasinungaling..(No Biases, No Cover-Up, No Lies)..”Oh WHAT?! “EXCUSE ME PO!! Ahemm”. What about the Lying lips of GMA Channel 7 about the selling of their TV Station and admission of very low revenues contrary to what they boast about highest TV Ratings Daw in the Land? “EXCUSE ME PO!!!..” Ahem ahem..what about that I thought this so-called Number One Daw TV station in the Philippines on their daily evening primetime news program “24 Oras” or “24 Hours” which is somewhat clone to its competitor on other channel “TV Patrol” quite synonymous is not it? How do you patrol or rather Patrolling News is around the clock is not it? So patrolling around the clock is..tarannn!!! : you got “24 Oras(Hours)”!; ““Walang Kinikiling, Walang Pinoprotektuhan, Walang Kasinungaling..(No Biases, No Cover-Up, No Lies) But they are Lying on their TV ratings! Are they not Bias then; Covering Up something and Making Lies? Oh my gracious!
Meanwhile, what about this INQ INQ, oh wait MOOOWW rather, because their cartoon symbol is a carabao; INQ INQ is hogs or swine; oh wait OINK OINK rather.”EXCUSE ME PO!!..ahem ahem!”

On their previous issue dated Wednesday, May 30, 2012;Volume 27 No.171; Wooohlalala..You will found yourself “GUILTY!” on boldface; You will be astound to what they done to the size of the word “GUILTY!” since all certified lawyers in the Philippines as well as the smart intelligent Philippines senators except for those who can’t speak English, Vendetta-fied soldier, ancient senators, sporty senators, and so forth whatever runs the ball of Senate Ball; will agree that Chief Justice Renato Corona is NOT GUILTY! (Ehehe) to the allegations thrown against him. The pronouncement of “GUILTY!” verdict is not of related to the REAL CASE; it is IMMATERIAL and IRRELEVANT, “Your Honor”..Hey Senator Enrile do you kiss the Ass of the Oldie and rumored Gayish Noynoy when you already knew that the persecution team is on the brink of “ZERO ACCOMPLISHMENT” in pertinent to the real case just like their Master Noynoy.? How come when you grow old you decide to divorce your “beloved”[???] wife? hmmm…

Hey INQ INQ or PDI (Putang Dyaryong Ito!) or should I say, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is not it the “GUILTY!” verdict is IMMATERIAL and IRRELEVANT to the Case, so why you published on BOLDFACE and on BIG FONT so BIG that eats up the entire ads space which cost somewhat you know BIG BUCKS; are you IDIOT? I guess so.
As I said on my previous article : “For it obviously evident that the persecution team failed to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona for the allegations accused against Him; Senator Juan Ponce Enrile knew that but has become fool of his own emotion.

“..The prosecution panel, however, cannot lay claim to have convincingly won its case as it was Corona’s testimony that led most of the senator-judges to rule in favor of conviction and not the pieces of evidence presented by the prosecution panel that is led by allies of President Aquino in the House of Representatives…”

Furthermore, even any one is afraid to disclose one’s properties to public; the Justice System in the Philippines is all about Tyranny and Hypocrisy and there is not Truth in it, for even the most hypocrite current President Noynoy would resist to disclose one’s properties when on public Trial….”

“…Yes, the impeachment trial has been diverted into disclosing one’s own precious properties rather than on how and why Chief Justice Renato Corona’s appointment is legal or not; the persecution team or the Noynoy has not proven him guilty of the accusations but just solely based their hypocritical and erroneous judgment on not sharing one’s own properties…”

So Now “Putang Dyaryong Ito” Or PDI, being the number one Philippine newspaper in the Philippines as you said or rather claim, how can you be so number one if some Filipinos especially those smart ones loathe your newspaper to be so bias, so whom you sell to? Are all major Filipinos, IDIOT? OwWowaw! Filipinos are “GUILTY!” of being “FOOL!” if Philippine Daily Inquirer’s statistics is not right and true. Who is the fool? still the Filipinos “worth dying for..” and the “Filipino Of the Year” is : “NOYNOY AQUINO! For 2010” Ngek, what does Noynoy done to be a “Filipino of the Year”? Oh my gracious!

You want more?

And again for 2004 “Filipino of the Year” is : “FERNANDO POE JR.!”, Oh what? Oh my gracious! No offense for late Philippine actor as well as to his fans; Honestly, what makes him “Filipino of the Year”? Being an actor? There are many veterans actors out there who also done extra extra services to the Filipinos aside from entertaining them on stage;ika nga “EXTRA SERVICE PO!”

I have no more nothing to say about these two so-called “Giant Media” in the Philippines on their so-called being “No.1”; GOODLUCK! Let their Lies bless them if I don’t know to You Filipino Nation; you decide!

The End Of GMA 7

Has GMA 7, one of leading TV network in the Philippines lying all this time that they are the number one and leading TV network in the entire Philippines presenting ratings report to validate their claim of TV supremacy on Philippine Television yet they themselves claim that their net income has drop drastically from P2.82 billion in 2010 into P1.72 billion in 2011?

“Our net income took a beating..We experienced the lowest net income level, of the past 5 years in the 4th quarter of 2011..”,admitted and verified by GMA Channel 7 vice president for finance, Ronaldo P. Mastrili.

Added to that, the GMA 7 “Kapuso” chair and CEO Felipe L. Gozon is sure to sell the TV network to PLDT/Smart/Sun/TV5’s chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan for P60 billion pesos but Pangilinan wants to buy the TV network between P45 billion pesos and P51 billion pesos.
Morever, GMA 7 advertising revenue has dropped into P13.08 billion pesos.

The sell of GMA 7 according to GMA Network president Gilberto Duavit Jr. is inevitable. “The is not to say that GMA 7 will not be sold, but at the moment we are presently not pursuing serious negotiations with the PLDT group because they have not offered us a price that is acceptable to our shareholders..”

But in contradictory report, GMA 7 executives says that the TV network is not for sale, however, they themselves claim that it can sold if the price is right. Therefore, GMA channel 7 is indeed for sale and GMA channel 7 is indeed lying that they rule the Philippine Televison.

For if they rule the Philippine Television how come they themselves admit that they lost revenues mostly last year and the TV network is for auction and PLDT/Smart/Sun/TV5 chair and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan is buying the TV network for P60 billion pesos?
However, Chair and CEO of GMA 7 Atty. Felipe Gozon, said in contradictory statements regarding the report or rumor as he said though there are already some proofs that GMA 7 is ready for sale and Manuel V. Pangilinan is buying it.

“…”Out of this world naman yun…That is a very wild rumor.”

“”Kung may mag-o-offer ng P500 billion, kahit tulog ako, gisingin n’yo ako, I will sell.”

Therefore, the rumor is true that it could be the end of GMA 7 or let us see what will happen next though the TV network executives are denying it on media.

Willy Manny?

Show Me The Manny, Willie-lngly.

Look who’s plagiarizing again the concept of now defunct game show Wowowee? If then is TV5 and now GMA channel 7.

Wow, is this how famous is the concept of Wowowee that is why other Philippine TV channels plagiarizing the concept again? So GMA Channel 7 rating statistics that Eat Bulaga leaves behind Wowowee on TV ratings then, not true? For how come they will copy a concept of a former TV show of other TV channel or their rival TV network if the defunct TV show’s concept as well as the TV show is flop on Filipinos’ public taste? Hmm, something not right the TV rating statistics presented by GMA channel 7 then or is GMA channel 7 as it projects itself to the Filipino viewing public as the new No.1 TV station in the Philippines through boastly presenting TV rating statistics and its TV shows to be on top and garnering high ratings is just a mere amiss perception? Something like a blurred vision?

Copy Cat Manny Many Prizes show

Copy Cat Manny Many Prizes show

Remember GMA channel 7 just snatch Manny Pacquiao from ABS-CBN channel 2,is not it because Manny’s subsequent winnings then is winning the TV ratings of ABS-CBN channel 2 then; now that they got Manny and his winning TV coverage of his boxing matches which lately somehow just dropping audience share because of his dubious fights GMA Channel 7 now put Manny to be Willie Revillame’s clone to Clone Willie’s success on a new[??] game show with similitude and commonality of the now defunct game show Wowowee of their rival TV network ABS-CBN channel 2.

Gyrating sexy dancers, cheering audience and a shower of confetti and coming suddenly on spotlight; poor people in the audience hugging him and kissing him and asking money and Manny’s show off his singing talent; giving big prizes and cash, is indeed a WILLIE REVILLAME and WOWOWEE thing!!!!

What is more worst is that GMA channel 7 management put the air time of Manny Pacquiao new game show entitled “Manny Many Prizes” on direct competition with Willie Revillame’s “Wil Time Big Time”(formerly Willing Willie[and formerly Wowowee]) which is indeed not a “Kapuso” act just to snatch the TV audience share from TV5.

And one thing more for sure, if Manny’s new game show will be rock with controversies, he will also copy the defense statement of Willie Revillame, that is “Gusto kulang po magpasaya ng tao at tumulong..” (“I just want to make people happy and able to help them..”)
Truly indeed, a sure copy cat show AGAIN on Philippine TVtube. If is it not remake,it is a copy show that rules mostly the TV entertainment in the Philippines.

Philippine’s Noontime Siesta Awakener

Game and Musical Shows On Noontime

I don’t know if it is only in the Philippines whose noontime block on TV is packed seven times a week with variety of game and musical shows on basically two top Philippine TV networks and their avid followers leaves no option on what to watch on noon and afternoon siesta, no matter how the top Philippine TV reformat, axed, or replace their noontime variety (game and musical) shows; that’s how loyal they are. However, thank god that there are multiple options now of what to watch in the noon and afternoon hours if one want to keep alive or not sleepy, compare back then, so that we will not be intoxicated with so much of the same thing every day.

However, I list here all the noontime shows in the Philippines that has been aired since the birth of noontime shows in the Philippines.

1. Student Canteen – this is the very first noontime show in the Philippines that starts from 1958 to 1990.It was aired on different Philippine TV station but it was first telecast at CBN network or ABS-CBN channel 2 at present, which was conceived at the canteen of CBN then. Its original title is CBN canteen and also was aired on the CBN canteen itself but was later change to Student Canteen.

2.  Magandang Tanghali – the fist successor of Student Canteen (the Student Canteen then was temporarily off air due to leave of prime show host of it, eddie Ilarde.)This noontime show airs in 1967.

3. Stop, Look and Listen – another successor of Student Canteen premiers successively with Magandang Tanghali

4. Twelve O’ Clock High –another successor of Student canteen that premiers before the Martial Law

5. Ariel con Tina – a reformat version of Twelve O’Clock High when CBN network was closed due to Martial Law on RBS network which was not closed during martial law before it is just a station loaded with foreign shows. The Twelve O’ Clock High was moved here and was replaced with a new name. It airs from 1972 to 1974.

6. Lunch Break – this noontime was the replacement of Ariel con Tina before RBS network or now GMA channel 7 revived Student Canteen.

7. Eat Bulaga – eat bulaga primiers at 1979 on RPN channel 9 (now SolarTV channel)in tight competition with revived Student canteen on RBS network or GMA network, which it eventually win on the ratings.

8. Alas Dose sa Trese – this noontime show premiers in 1998 at IBC 13 or channel 13 (now off air)

9. Lunch Date – this noontime show premiers March 10, 1986 to March 19,1993 at GMA channel 7.This noontime show was in tight competition with Eat Bulaga on ABS –CBN channel 2 then.

10. Salo-Salo Together (SST) – this noontime show premiers after Lunch Date was axed. This was also in tight competition with Eat Bulaga on ABS-CBN channel 2 then.

Clipping from MTB show

Clipping from MTB show

11. Sang Linggo nAPO sila – the former Sunday show of the APO Hiking Society group has move to become a noontime show on ABS-CBN channel after Eat Bulaga leaves for GMA channel 7 in 1995 to 1998.

Sang Linggo nAPO sila

Sang Linggo nAPO sila

12. Magandang Tanghali Bayan(MTB) – another new noontime show in ABS-CBN channel 2 replacing Sang Linggo nAPO sila in November 30,1998 to February 4,2005.The noontime show have replacement titles like Masayang Tanghali Bayan and Esep-Esep.



13. Wowowee – the controversial noontime show after MTB that premiers on February 5, 2005 after MTB or Magandang Tanghali Bayan ended.

15. Pilipinas Win na Win – a brand new noontime show in replacement with the axed of Wowowee which premiers July 31, 2010.

Pilipinas Win na Win

Pilipinas Win na Win

Eat Bulaga

Why Eat Bulaga Stand Still?

There are a lot of noontime shows on different Philippine TV channels that comes and go, but Eat Bulaga remains standing for already 3 decades now; wonder what its secret?

Eat Bulaga Cast

Eat Bulaga Cast

A noontime show actually can be varied, that is, it could be a game show, a talk show, a kiddie show, a sitcom or a comedy show, a drama series, or even a news or educational show. However, in the Philippines, a noontime show is stereotype as a show that show cases variety of games and fun that covers the noontime slot from 12 noon until 2 p.m.; six times a week. This is has been for past 30 decades now and continually ruling the Philippine Television noontime slot wherein the first noontime show is not Eat Bulaga, but the Student Canteen show which primary aim then of the show is to entertain students eating on the canteen while they are having their lunch break. The Student Canteen is aired then on CBS Network (now ABS –CBN channel 2) which only last a 3 decades due to the CBS Network then was one of the Philippine TV Network that forced to go off air because of Martial Law or was forced by the Marcos Administration to be closed, while the RBS (now GMA channel 7) was left unclosed because it is just a mere Philippine TV network that showcases almost foreign shows on its time slots, just like RPN 9 today.

After the closing of the Student Canteen show, another show was formed and was aired on RBS network; and after this show, Eat Bulaga was born but it was not aired first on GMA channel 7 rather it was first aired on RPN 9, then move to ABS-CBN channel 2 and then finally to GMA channel  7

Student Canteen Show

Student Canteen Show

Eat Bulaga has been on 3 channels for many years and was never owned by any of the 3 channels it was aired (though ABS-CBN tries to buy it from TAPE –Television And Production Exponents, Inc, company but TAPE never sold it, thus they force to move Eat Bulaga to GMA Channel 7), rather it was owned by an independent company – the TAPE. And for this reason Eat Bulaga is just a mere concessionary show on the Philippine TV networks it was aired and not owned by the Philippine TV network itself, thus Eat Bulaga cannot be axed or off air by the Philippine TV network it was aired, despite if its TV ratings declines on the ground; the independent company who owns it will just move it into another Philippine TV channel for another brand new concessionary contract, if its ratings declines from the former TV network it was aired and if the former TV network it was aired and if the former TV network it was aired decided to end the contract of airing Eat Bulaga on their TV network.

So Eat Bulaga’s secret to 3 decades of success is not indeed a real secret anyway, rather it was just a pure business matters.

Marina, Mulawin, Lobo – And More

Fantasy Series on Philippine Primetime Television

Before, a fantasy series is just a one episode on a particular child TV programs on either very early morning slot or early evening slot on Philippine TV programming which are only meant for a kiddie audience, but the success of “Marina” – the very first fantasy drama series put on a primetime slots which really gain a high ratings – have changed the landscape of Philippine primetime programming wherein every primetime slots of major TV networks in the Philippines (namely ABS-CBN channel 2,GMA Channel 7 ,and TV5 Channel 5) have one or more fantasy drama series in their respective primetime programming which boast not only the strong plot but also the special effects they use on every scenes.



Both Filipino adult and children enjoy watching these fantasy dram series (the proof is the high ratings of this kind of TV programs) as an alternative to the surge of drama series which have only a repetitive story plots which flooded the primetime TV slots of Philippine TV before fantasy dram series emerged into the slots of primetime programming.

The rise of fantasy drama series in the Philippine television was heavily influenced by the fantasy and sci-fi (science fiction) movies being produced by Hollywood or foreign film outpits which do really hit the box-office and gain profits from producing them. This inspires the Filipino writers to do the same thing on their primetime TV slots to compensate for the growing needs of Filipino audience for an alternative TV viewing, than intoxicate Filipino audience with too much drama series and news programs. It is also a way to balance their TV programs.



Among the best fantasy drama series ever produced for Philippine TV aside from “Marina”, were “Mulawin”, ”Lobo”, ”Engkatadia” ,”Ang Panday”, ”Dyesebel”, ”Lastikman”, and “Darna”. However, there are a lot more fantasy drama series produced but they are more kiddie in style.

Philippine Sport Stars

Philippine Sports’ Limelight Grabber

Philippine Sports is not as bizarre as Philippine Showbiz and the limelight is not always focus on one sports athlete but shifting from one athlete into another depending on a phenomenal victory an athlete have won. But how come some Philippine sports athlete becomes a Philippine showbiz personality like Philippine basketball superstar Alvin Patrimonio. However, his showbiz career is short-lived, perhaps because he is not an opportunist one. But currently there is a Philippine sports icon who grabs every opportunity, who else but the seven time world boxing champion Manny Pacquio. Since his arousal from his not famous amateur boxing state into now mega sports superstar condition and multi-millionaire celebrity state, he has eclipsed all known past kings of Philippine sports, grabbing the sports icon limelight from others into him. Of all the Philippine sports icons, he has the most publicity and of course the most showbiz celebrity-like sports career.

Basketball Legend Alvin Patrimonio

Basketball Legend Alvin Patrimonio

Take for examples, his controversial link to Philippine showbiz star Ms. Ara Mina; his roller coaster ride shifting of TV contracts from the two giant Philippine TV stations : from ABS-CBN Channel 2 to GMA Channel 7 and from GMA Channel 7 back into ABS-CBN Channel 2 again and from ABS-CBN Channel 2 into GMA Channel 7 again; his multiple commercial sponsorship and even his wife and aged-mother grab the limelight to be included on his commercial flicks; his two films which flop on the box-office; his TV shows on GMA Channel 7 ; his online public forum; his ambition to run for a political position but now recently he has won a congressional seat; and other opportunities which he grabs along his way.

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao

Truly, he does not spare but always grab every offer that comes along his way. There is no Philippine sports icon in the Philippine that have an immense popularity like him, indeed.