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Disease and Popularity

Famous Diseases Over Famous Personalities

Popularity and fame is never hard to attain once you knew what the majority of the masses? The most hidden weakest link of people is the prime factor that makes a thing famous or I mean famous things hits your vulnerable parts and by hitting this weakest point their fame arise; it hits you bull’s eye; like the famous diseases that skyrocketed great awareness around the world making waves and inflicting many by its killing weapon; So also famous personalities or celebrities with their killing smile; killing sexy and muscled bodies; killing handsome and beautiful faces, etc.

But what if both merged, or I mean what if famous diseases meet famous people, is that double fame? But I guess, it would be shocking to know or learn that one’s favorite celebrity caught a famous disease on town. Is not it? How did your favorite celebrity caught the famous disease on town, is she or her not healthy? Of course, you will be surprised to learn that your favorite celebrity is not actually taking his or her health seriously despite he or she gains a lots of bucks from his or her popularity, wherein you being unknown is striving to keep yourself healthy and avoid sickness because of lack of bucks or money.

But then, you realize that no matter what is your state in life, whether a celebrity or a common unknown person, if sickness will strike you, it will strike and no one is exempted.

Recently, the young actor Derek Ramsey have caught a dengue disease wherein thankfully he have recovered, as it was reported similar to young TV host Bianca Gonzales who too have caught one.

Derek Ramsey

Derek Ramsey

The H1A1 virus, never spare also Philippine celebrity; the Philippine songbird actress Ms. Regine Velasquez have been reported to have acquired the disease but eventually have recovered.

There are many cases of Philippine celebrities caught in the limelight of famous disease like cancer. To name a few, there are Philippine celebrities and stars that have died of cancer, like the Philippine action star Rudy Fernandez, the actress Chat Silayan, the TV host Rio Diaz, the comedy actors Redford White and Babalu, the actor Charlie Davao, the ex Philippine president Corazon Aquino, and others who never manage to recover from the fame and killing weapon of the famous disease but succumb to its killing power.

Famous Celebrity inflicted or dying in a famous known disease is really shocking if you are fan of the famous celebrity and if it is sensationalized on TV, but to some, it is only evidence that Celebrities though they are famous are also sometimes irresponsible in their health like we all do sometimes.