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Quake Ready

Earthquake Preparedness Of Makati City

Earthquake is like a thief in the night, you do not know when it will attack unless one have an accurate predicting machine that predicts incoming earthquakes on a specific area, accurately. What is more terrifying about earthquake attack is when one lives in advanced cities where high-rise buildings abound around. For if a strong earthquake will strike such city, surely high-rise building will fall right in everyone’s face.

Thus, the city of Makati in the Philippines have come up a city directive that will safeguard their populace from a strong possible earthquake that will strike the city, for the city of Makati is home to many high-rise buildings in the Philippines. For it is the center of commerce in the Philippine Luzon region.

This directive is the implementation of installing accelerometers or widely known as seismograms on high-rise buildings by building owners and developers within the city beginning from already existing ones and future to be erected ones. Failure to install seismograms will revocate the existing occupancy permits of the already existing high-rise ones and denial of occupancy permits for future high-rise building that will be erected or build within the city.
This directive is on a current strict implementation within the city because earthquakes strike anytime without prior notice as logical reason for the strict implementation.

Actually, this is already stated on the memorandum of National Structural Code of the Philippines on Department of Public Ways and Highways(DPWH) Memorandum Circular No.03 section 105 dated March 31,2011 which states that the installation of seismograms in structures over 50 meters high (equivalent to 50 story building) is a must requirement.

By the way, an occupancy permit is required by the National Building Code in order for a specific new building to be occupied or use publicly, aside from meeting standards specifications on building aspects like mechanical, electrical, fire safety, sanitary and plumbing which the builder owner and developers are required to have.; Without the occupancy permits, et.al. a new building can be use or will not be active on business.

However, though a high-rise building or any building have seismogram, there is a growing knowledge that this earthquake predicting machine are ineffective in predicting accurate incoming earthquakes or they are just installed to measure earthquake waves while there is an ongoing earthquake. Thus, though the Makati city have strict rules regarding earthquake safety and earthquake preparedness, installing a mere sometimes ineffective earthquake predicting machine will not do in combating the forthcoming of a strong earthquake.

Earthquake Precaution

Buffer Zone Is Now Ban For Housing

Due to numerous earthquakes happening nowadays around the world and their very unpleasant aftermath, the Philippines due to it is also one of the countries included on the so-called “Pacific Ring Of Fire” is declaring the 594 lots or the buffer zone areas near the West Valley Fault or the formerly known as the Marikina Valley Fault line, as a nonresidential zones or housing projects should not be erected on these buffer lots to avoid further damages and fatalities cause by a strong earthquake. For because it is near the West Valley fault System, any housing project erected by this buffer zone be shallow by the ground when a ground rupture happens during a strong earthquakes.

Valley Fault System or Marikina Fault System

Valley Fault System or Marikina Fault System

However, for those who have already residential or commercial estates on the buffer zone or on the lots ban by the Quezon City government, it is advisable and recommended to evacuate or move out from their estate properties to avert impending earthquake disaster upon them and their properties. Actually, according to the reports, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) have already informed the estate owners on the said 594 lots on the buffer zone regarding the Valley Fault System and the effects of a strong earthquake on it.

By the way, Valley Fault System or widely known as the Marikina Fault System is the Philippine fault line on the so-called “Pacific Ring Of Fire”; it has two regions, namely the West Valley Fault System and the East Valley Fault System and are located on the Marikina area.

A fault line is a fracture or crack on earth’s crust or the surface of a land that could lead to big chasm if a strong earthquake strikes.

Japan’s Quake

Tsunami Of Fear For Pinas

Recent large earthquake in Japan that created a big tsunami has created a more larger quaking panic and a tsunami of fear and scare at the Philippines and a great opportunity for Christian faith taking advantage the fear of Filipinos and woes that befell upon the Japanese people, wherein scary text messages like “it is already the end of the world; judgment day; radiation from the exploded nuclear plants of Japan will affect the Philippines on this particular time; etc.” were making large waves of tsunami of fear among the Filipinos recently prompting them to panic and fear. We don’t know for sure where does this BS text messages were coming from, scaring the Filipinos but we can be sure some of this doomsday messages originated from psychotic fanatic Christian morons who desire and pray for the destruction of lives on this planet by the judgment of their sick egoistic ever wrathful and irritable “god”.

The scare is brought mainly by the fact that the Philippines is also within the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire” just like Japan and is vulnerable and susceptible to suffer great terrible earthquakes just like what have recently happen on Japan, prompting the Philippine government to have an earthquake tsunami alert which terrifies the Filipino public. The “Pacific Ring of Fire” is an earthquake fault lines stretching within the pacific continental coastlines; it is a large rift where there is no yet solid scientific basis for its existence. Moreover, the Philippines is predominantly Christian in religion, thus the plausible origin of BS doomsday text messages proliferation.

Large Tsunami brought by the Great earthquake

Large Tsunami brought by the Great earthquake

However, preparedness regarding this impeding danger is inevitable and the Philippine government should respond to abort and combat future large fatalities and casualties but with proper and right dissemination of information and help. Actually, recently the government dismiss the text messages that the Philippines will be affected by a so-called “radiation” from the nuclear plants that have exploded on Japan to be not true.

Earthquakes In The Philippines

The Reason For the Quake

Every country in the world is not being spare by earthquakes including the Philippines. Like no other countries the Philippines has been struck and rock by both minor and major earth tremors or earthquakes, but recently, the southern part of the Philippines is struck again by another earthquake but this time it has a very interesting reason for the quake.

Effects of earthquakes in the Philippines

Earthquake Casualty

The southern part of the Philippines that has been struck by an earthquake is the part that is near the Kawio Islands, wherein the suspected culprit for the quake is an undersea volcano much taller than Philippines’s mt. Apo (the tallest mountain in the Philippines) and mt. Mayon and Indonesia’s taller mountains which lies beneath the Sulawesi Islands. The Sulawesi islands is said to be less than 500 kilometers away from Sarangani province in the Philippines, thus, affecting the southern part of the Philippines an earth tremors or earthquakes.

So what is this undersea volcano had to do with the earthquake? As it was reported, this undersea volcano is slowly rising up thus affecting the continents or land mass surrounding it which causes an earthquake on the land surface. This is really very interesting and mysterious natural phenomenon – a rising undersea volcano?

The undersea Volcano

Computer Simulation Of the Undersea Volcano