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Pinas Top News # 16

From August 22 To August 28,2011

1. “Wala Akong Kasalanan” A year after the August 23,2010 Manila bus hostage tragedy brought by a botched rescue operation of the Philippine police forces, innocent victims, especially the Chinese Hong Kong nationals, are still howling and hunger for justice because up until now the Aquino administration has not made those who are really responsible and accountable of the fiasco responsible and accountable but blame all the failure to a one “deranged” man (Rolando Mendoza) and wash off the hands of those who are really responsible and accountable why the bus hostage resulted into a big failure and disaster brought by the incompetency or lack of skills to manage properly the crisis then.

The worst side of it is that the Aquino administration have already moved on, on what have happened as if nothing happens without any apology and compensation of justice to those innocent victims that suffered from the fiasco most especially the Chinese Hong Kong nationals who until now could not move on; which only hurt more the pain the Chinese Hong Kong nationals suffers. Moreover, NoyNoy himself with great pride refuses to say sorry just to mollify the hurt and pain the innocent victims by saying idiotically that he has no fault to what have happened as if he is not the current President of the Philippines and just a mere innocent Filipino civilian out there that has nothing to do with the bus hostage management.

Chinese Hong Kong nationals: “We never even got a phone call or a letter apologizing for what happened. That should have been the most basic thing to do. None of us received a word from the government of the Philippines.”

PNoy was so very heartless and idiot that it is already obvious that the operation and rescue management of the Police force to save the hostages alive and capture the hostage taker without shedding any blood or without being killed Fails, he still insists that the police force never fails and it is the fault of the hostage taker alone why the operation to rescue the hostages alive fails and was so reluctant to make a formal public apology to the innocent victims of the fiasco who are still grieving and seeking justice even during the failure result of the bus hostage up until now just to mollify the hurt cause by the bus hostage tragedy to the lives of the Hong Kong nationals who just came here in the Philippines then to make tourist tour.

His so-called regrets about what happened is FAKE because he can’t even say “sorry” or make an apology for what have happened. His so-called “regrets” is that the incident did not boost his self-conceited EGO regarding on how his administration could show off. For he did not see himself as incompetent leader but rather very competent leader that is only under siege (He has an illusion of self- superiority; for if not he will have humility to say “sorry” and will be ashamed and will not prosecute publicly GMA unjustly) Thus, he is HEARTLESS to those Chinese Hong Kong nationals that seeks the mollification of the hurt and pain the fiasco have cause their lives.

No matter how he toss the dice just to cleanse and get rid of himself and his KKK from being responsible and accountable for the failure of the Manila Bus hostage that resulted into bloodbath, he still could not deny the truth that the bus hostage fiasco happens within his jurisdiction and administration that requires him and his KKK to be responsible and accountable to whatever happens within his jurisdiction as the current president of the Philippines.

And being the president of the Philippines, he is the Executive Chief of the armed force of the Philippines; and what are the armed forces of the Philippines? –they are the military and police force of the Philippines wherein he has direct command as current Philippine president, that are in charge and responsible and accountable for the protection of both the Filipino citizens and foreigners who visit and stay in the Philippines.

If the Filipino people will continue to let PNoy’s self-conceit or pride to sour very high that everyone in the world could see or witness, for sure not only the relationship of the Philippines with Hong Kong and Chinese people will put into great jeopardy but also other nations or countries that will come into similar problems with what have happened to Chinese Hong Kong nationals, and many Filipinos working abroad or many OFWs will be in great peril just like what happened to the innocent three Filipinos who has been sentenced to death in China as China’s secret revenge to the heartless management of PNoy administration to the lives of the innocent Chinese Hong Kong nationals that were shed in vain at the August 23,2010 bus hostage fiasco.

Will the Filipinos let PNoy put the lives of many OFWs in great danger for another year of PNoy’s term with PNoy’s arrogant, incompetent, and HEARTLESS style of presidency? Moreover, not only the OFWS but also foreigners who visit the Philippines for tourist adventures only.

Will the Filipino do nothing about it?

NoyNoy is fool to think that the Chinese people though they will received him in China this coming month without showing rage against him is not affected by his heartless reply to Chinese Hong Kong nationals that have become an innocent victims of his own incompetency without saying apology or sorry
2. OFWs on Libyan Conflict. Nowadays, the Middle East countries are in the middle of government conflicts and unrest. And those Filipinos working within these countries are often caught in the middle of whether they will stay and preserve their precious job or evacuate and leave the country and their workplace back into the Philippine home land to save their lives that is in the brink of danger due to uprisings within the country they are working with.
Recently, OFWs were affected again on another conflict on Libya and the Philippine government has to do something about it of course.
Fortunately, OFWs working on Libya were safely safeguarded from the reported conflicts.

3. Tyhoon Mina. Another weekly typhoon pass through the Philippine archipelago which cause as usual flood and other typhoon related issues; and out after the week.

4. The Dengue Attack Continues. Still not sated within a week of killing children last week, the dengue continues on its killing spree this week.

Pinas Top News # 15

From August 15 To August 21,2011

1. Finally Cleared. Former first gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo is finally cleared from the Helicopter scam through the rescue of his own brother, Negros Occidental Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo and the scam was thrown back into the accuser Lionair president Archibald Po. However, the anti-GMA supporters still believe that it is Mike Arroyo who owns the choppers though they have no solid evidence and plausible proofs to prove their malice and allegations, as usual.

2. The Maguya Report. Still can’t get over the so-called “2004 Election fraud”, Bayan Muna Representatives Teodoro “teddy” Casino and Neri Javier Colomenares cries that there is a “cover-up” to cover cheating activities after a so-called Mayuga report was declassified by the military on the public though they never state in details what’s in the report.

But the military who declassified the report contradict the cries of the Bayan Muna representatives and insist there was no “cover-up” and even speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said that the Mayuga report has no bearing or connection to the 2004 election fraud regarding the so-called switching of election returns (ERs).For, he said, that the Mayuga Report was written way back then before the purported ER switching activities took place.

However, the Anti-GMA paranoids still insist there is a “cover up” or connection: “.Akala mulang wala,pero Meron! Meron! Meron!..” ehehe.

3. Welcome Back Dengue! Accept it or not, ”lamok”(mosquito in tagalong/Filipino dialect) will always come back to bite and sip YOU! It seems, dengue become already an endemic disease in the Philippines and will not let go the Filipinos from its favorite list of yummy blood to be suck or sip.

For another wave of dengue outbreak swarm the youngsters in the Philippines only this week again and continue plaguing the nation. And as usual, the Department of Health (DOH) is busy again to combat this seemingly uncontrollable mosquito attack.

Up until this week, the dengue outbreak is still inflicted mostly the children and the rate of deaths caused by it increases.

4. Paris in Manila. The famous American heiress and media personality Paris Hilton set foot on the Philippine land for a five day visit to grace the invitation of Century Properties to help them design the beachfront residential property project Century Properties would like to erect or build; it is called Azure Beach Club project. It is a residential community at Paranaque city that features “beach lifestyle”

Furthermore, she is also here in the Philippines to attend the opening of a luxury store at SM Megamall that sells luxury hand bags and accessories named after her name – Paris Hilton Store. And even to meet her boxing idol – Manny Pacquiao.

Paris Hilton In Manila

Paris Hilton In Manila

5.Mindanao Sub state or Just expanded Autonomous Region on Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)? According to the Moros, they no more aspire for ultimate independence from the Philippine archipelago but rather only wanted to build a state of their own or a state for the Bangsamoros within the sphere of Philippine republic. They wanted the Philippine government to recognized and respect the Bangsamoros and if the Philippine government will agree to the respect they long sought after for;then there will be peace on Mindanao.

6. Maguindanao Massacre Part 2? Some says it could be but fortunately, it is not. Last August 15,the seven- vehicle car convoy of Maguindanao Governor Esmael Mangudadatu exploded on the midst of the car convoy that is aimed to Mangudadatu as the reports said but fortunately he survived the car bomb attack and few only were hurt.

As of this time, there is still no definite clue and suspect why Mangudadatu was attack.

Disease and Popularity

Famous Diseases Over Famous Personalities

Popularity and fame is never hard to attain once you knew what the majority of the masses? The most hidden weakest link of people is the prime factor that makes a thing famous or I mean famous things hits your vulnerable parts and by hitting this weakest point their fame arise; it hits you bull’s eye; like the famous diseases that skyrocketed great awareness around the world making waves and inflicting many by its killing weapon; So also famous personalities or celebrities with their killing smile; killing sexy and muscled bodies; killing handsome and beautiful faces, etc.

But what if both merged, or I mean what if famous diseases meet famous people, is that double fame? But I guess, it would be shocking to know or learn that one’s favorite celebrity caught a famous disease on town. Is not it? How did your favorite celebrity caught the famous disease on town, is she or her not healthy? Of course, you will be surprised to learn that your favorite celebrity is not actually taking his or her health seriously despite he or she gains a lots of bucks from his or her popularity, wherein you being unknown is striving to keep yourself healthy and avoid sickness because of lack of bucks or money.

But then, you realize that no matter what is your state in life, whether a celebrity or a common unknown person, if sickness will strike you, it will strike and no one is exempted.

Recently, the young actor Derek Ramsey have caught a dengue disease wherein thankfully he have recovered, as it was reported similar to young TV host Bianca Gonzales who too have caught one.

Derek Ramsey

Derek Ramsey

The H1A1 virus, never spare also Philippine celebrity; the Philippine songbird actress Ms. Regine Velasquez have been reported to have acquired the disease but eventually have recovered.

There are many cases of Philippine celebrities caught in the limelight of famous disease like cancer. To name a few, there are Philippine celebrities and stars that have died of cancer, like the Philippine action star Rudy Fernandez, the actress Chat Silayan, the TV host Rio Diaz, the comedy actors Redford White and Babalu, the actor Charlie Davao, the ex Philippine president Corazon Aquino, and others who never manage to recover from the fame and killing weapon of the famous disease but succumb to its killing power.

Famous Celebrity inflicted or dying in a famous known disease is really shocking if you are fan of the famous celebrity and if it is sensationalized on TV, but to some, it is only evidence that Celebrities though they are famous are also sometimes irresponsible in their health like we all do sometimes.

Health Of Filipinos

New Resident Diseases

How’s the health of Filipinos doing after back then it was tuberculosis or TB is the top health killer of many Filipinos? Have the Filipinos ‘health improve or degraded downward spirally into untimely death and uncontainable new resident diseases?

The TB Prevention Program

TB Prevention Seminar

We are already knew that tuberculosis or TB is no more on the top of the list of serial killers of many Filipinos but its death rate cause by it, was already reduced tremendously, which is a good news that Filipinos already knew the secret to combat it and fight it back.

The Philippine Health Official

Philippine Health Secretary

However, because the top health nemesis of Filipinos then have retreated and became just a small time health disease now, a new breed of diseases emerge and mimic the former success of tuberculosis. Guess what, here are the fab four new serial killers:

1. Dengue Disease – As we all knew it, this disease is a yearly health problem among Filipinos which kills mostly the young ones or the children. But the Philippines is fighting back hardly to reduce the rate of health casualty of his reoccurring disease.

2. Cancer, especially Colon cancer – this disease becomes popular because it attacks mostly Filipino celebrities like for example, the late former Philippine president Cory Aquino, actresses like Rio Diaz and Chat Silayan, and actors like Rudy Fernandez and Charlie Davao, and others. What a hip and “it” disease, is not it?

3. Diabetes – Ah, this one is a silent creeper killer. Some people don’t know they have it unless it becomes full blown and the asymptomatic sensation becomes symptomatic. This disease becomes prominent because of the emergence of cakes and sweetie foods serves on modern day Filipinos’ meals and important occasions.

This disease is really sweet, first it lullabies you with “I don’t feel any symptoms, I am okey, let’s enjoy sweet foods to the max”, until it suddenly stabs you and regretfully realize that it was the sweet things that makes your health bitter and sour now.

4. Heart Related Diseases – combine all the fab three new killers plus too much stressful lifestyle, you got this! It is so easy, is not it? Thus, those most hard working Filipinos often got this disease. For their too much focus and dedication on their work, they unknowingly abandon their personal health and to relax and enjoy life, thus they often caught this as a reward for their industriousness. What a bitter reward!

The fab four was brought forth by Filipinos’ modern lifestyle: fast and techy.


Dengue Disease In the Philippines

Annually, the Philippines have been plagued by a dengue disease especially among its young population wherein they are the most inflicted by the disease. The health department of the Philippines have done its best efforts and ways to reduce a dengue outbreak that happens yearly, through spreading awareness among those who are most vulnerable to this disease – the slum or scatters areas in the Philippines – where this originated from and how to control the mosquito carrying dengue disease from laying eggs and multiplying the dengue disease it carries within the archipelago.

The Scatter areas in the Philippines

Slum Areas

Recently, there are reports or news of  Filipinos being inflicted by this disease ,however, its outbreak have been minimized as it was reported that the rates of dengue case today or this year 2010 have been reduced compared to the last years.

The outbreak begins when rainy days in the Philippines starts because that is are the days where streets and any empty unattended or abandon container either on garbage damp or anywhere it is dump was filled with waters which becomes eventually stagnant, thus creating a breeding grounds for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in it. Of course, though one strive to keep it clean and drain all their water containers within their areas, those damp water containers especially on garbage damps near a community are sometimes overlook which causes some dengue cases.