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Tule Party

Circumcision Celebration?

Is “pagpapatuli” (circumcising the foreskin of male genitalia) a true Filipino tradition? I bet it is not for it is somewhat a religious legacy coming from Abrahamic religious cults which the Filipinos have subscribed through Christianity and Muslim which proves nowadays that it has no medical benefits but only some sexual problems and even untimely death for the male infants who have gone such non-sense surgery. It has proven nowadays to be non-sense and its medical claim that it prevents HIV/AIDS virus proves to be wrong. For no matter the male penis is circumcised or not, one will still get HIV/AIDS virus, if one have sex with any partner that is inflicted with HIV/AIDS virus.

Male Circumcision Operation

Male Circumcision Operation

The main reason for such medical claims or health benefits originated from religious pride as it was also religiously derived its medical tradition; that is, to show off to other opposing religious group that their leader is clean from disgusting what is medically called “smegma” that cleaves around the foreskin of a male genitalia which is also present at the clitoris of a female genitalia.

However, though these information has already been on the surface, still medical doctors in the Philippines practice such and even throw a big bashing merry-making which they called “Tule Party” last May 7, 2011 at Marikina city that will set a record around the world that it is only in the Philippines that a large number of young males were circumcised at one day.

For me, this “Tule party” proposed by the medical doctors in the Philippines is a silly thing because nowadays and in other parts of the world, circumcision is already greatly despise.