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Smokeless City

Smoke It Out From The City

The ban of cigarette smoking is not a dream in some part of the Philippines but already a living reality and I wish it could be imposed in the entire archipelago. For as we all know cigarette smoking is really bad to one’s health due it many health complications wherein taking vitamin C, as some favorite excuse for smoking will not suffice to save one from the health implications of cigarette smoking. Yes, perchance, you can save your life from the health damage caused by cigarette smoking by overdosing oneself with vitamin c and other vitamins and minerals the physical body needs in order to be healthy and far away from sickness and diseases, but what about the others who do have such knowledge as yours like the children who imitate cigarette smoking from the adult smoker thinking that it is cool to smoke one, what about the ignorant one, will you let them die due to irresponsible cigarette smoking?

So if you really love your fellow Filipino will let this happen?

Thanks to some cities or region in the Philippines that do really care and love their children or the future Filipino generation by imposing a complete ban on cigarette smoking and their efforts were rewarded of course. One city in the Philippine has been the living example in the Philippines which was awarded by international organization in the world that values the advocacy of the bad health implications of cigarette smoking by the city’s very strong implementation and control of it. The Davao city which every one of us knows to be a typhoon-free city in the Philippines is now recognized in the world as cigarette smoke-free city in the Philippine and the leading city in the Philippines that puts greater value of it.

Global SmokeFree Partnership (an organization in alliance with American Cancer Society and the Framework Convention Alliance) says about Davao city’s anti-smoke task force : “……exceptional leadership and commitment….. Smoke-free policies by a governmental agency….”

The anti-smoke policies of the city of Davao Philippines was implemented on the year 2002 but now recognized by the International health organization recently. The anti-smoke ordinance says that it is unlawful or illegal to smoke or allow smoking in public buildings, vehicles, enclosed and other areas that the local government designated as non-smoking places and one will be punished if one do not obey or break this law.

Scorched By Smoke

To Burn A Cigar

Have you seen a man who is burning within and a smoke comes out from his body’s openings? Not yet? Why not try to light a stick of cigarette and see how it burns and smoke your throat, lungs, mouth and other parts of your respiratory systems, not to mention other health risk implications of it and be burn alive by just burning a stick of cigarette daily. Try it, as smoking addicts persuade non-smokers.

The scorching effects of cigarette smoking really hurts though smoking addicts in contrast says it makes them feels good or gave them a comforting sensation, wherein this sensation becomes a trap to addiction. Sometimes, when the scorch is already severe, it is only then an addict smoker felt the scorch and regret for smoking too much.

Young Filipinos learn how to smoke

Young Filipinos learn how to smoke

In the Philippines, the National Statistics Office reveals that out of 9,705 Filipino respondents( virtual representation of 61.3 million Filipinos) 28.3 % or 17.3 million Filipinos were current tobacco or cigarette smokers and 22.5 % or 13.8 million smoke almost every day, which is really kind of alarming and not considering those non-smokers who inhale the smoke from these smokers, which is according to first Philippine Global Adult Tobacco Survey that 48.8 % or 29.8 million of non-smoking Filipinos were exposed to cigarette smoke in their respective homes. These statistics data were done only last year 2009.

Despite of the campaigns against the dangerous health implications of cigarette smoking still every one do it, especially the new Philippine president himself –Pnoy who is a frequent cigarette smoker. Though the Department of Health’s campaign to put images about the bad health effects of smoking on cigarette labels, it was not well supported by many Filipinos and the cigarette or tobacco companies in the Philippines still somewhat reluctant or hesitant to the ideas of the Department of Health.

What is that Burning in front of your Nose?

What is that Burning in front of your Nose?

I just don’t know why many Filipinos never heeds much about this campaign wherein it is also for their own good; which when perchance their illness which was brought by their cigarette smoking habit becomes worse, only then they will heed and realized they are wrong and quit smoking. Why when everything becomes worse and the fire is already so big, it is only then most Filipinos will heed the warning they formerly ignore when the fire is still small. They still wait to be burn alive before they stop burning nicotine that burns their very important bodily systems like their respiratory systems.