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Cities of Mindanao Philippines 0

Cities of Mindanao Philippines

Prominent Cities of Mindanao Philippines Despite of the negative reports bombard against the regions of Mindanao to be a risky place for tourist and locals alike, Mindanao Philippines still stand out as good place...

Camiguin Island in the Philippines 4

Camiguin Island in the Philippines

The Camiguin Island of the Philippines Where does all lanzones come in the Philippines? Yup, major lanzones productions or lanzones farms come from Camiguin Island Philippines. For Camiguin Island Philippines is the lanzones capital...

Cagayan De Oro Philippines 3

Cagayan De Oro Philippines

Have you included CDO in your list of travels in the Philippines? Yes, CDO is what they call for Cagayan De Oro Philippines. It is located at the northern coastline of Northern Mindanao at...