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Pinas Ganda

So Beautiful Philippines?

Hmm, let me think about it….There seems to be a little bit irony of Department of Tourism’s newest slogan logo – “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”(Philippines So Beautiful)- though the Department of Tourism explains that the new slogan that has replace the old one –“WOW!Philippines”- depicts Filipinos warmness and hospitality and Philippines beautiful tourist spot sceneries. For the Philippines has been recently included on the list of most corrupt country in the world, not to mention the ever growing problems of poverty and unemployment, annual floods, crimes, and sexual perversions. Moreover, recently a young Filipino man has been arrested for doing serial killings of foreigners in the city of Angeles Pampanga which of course could bring fear and dread to some foreign tourists who visit the city and could abort, postpone or even cancel their plan tourist adventures in the Philippines.

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Slogan

Pilipinas Kay Ganda Slogan

Oh, who can forget the traumatic experiences of the Hong Kong tourists on the bus hostage tragedy last August 23,2010 wherein up to now, the case is not settled and there are many leaks of biases and power control on the reports. Has the Hong Kong already well satisfied about the reports?

We could state more disgusting things happening in the Philippines which bring great irony to the Department of Tourism’s newest slogan, but the question is why the Department of Tourism has made a slogan contrary to what is really happening now in the Philippines? The newest slogan for me, is not quite appropriate to what is currently happening in the Philippines, rather the old slogan is the more appropriate one – “WOW!Philippine”

Yes, “WOW!Philippines”. The recent happenings in the Philippines make us exclaim, “WOW!Philippines” on either good or bad happening now in the Philippines.

The Slogan Launch

The Slogan Launch

However, it is well understood that it is just a marketing strategy to lure foreign tourist to visit the Philippines and enjoy Philippines’ beautiful tourist attractions or even to invest on the Philippines for the Philippine is such a beautiful place, on scenery landscape sense.

Actually, there is no any country in the world that is so beautiful on moral and economic sense but on geographical sense there are many as many as the grain of sand. For there is no perfect governance; every country is tainted by crimes, sexual perversity, economic depression, corruption, etc. though their countries is rich in geographical gems and treasures. The problem actually is spiritual poverty. Perhaps, the country will only be so very “beautiful” if the country is not only rich in astounding beautiful geographical landscape but also rich in spirituality and economically.

Recently, this new Philippine tourism logo has already been scrap or removed due to heavy downpour or negative criticism about its designs even by lawmakers; especially the issue of plagiarism wherein the new Philippine tourism design or logo was allegedly an imitation of the Poland’s tourism logo. Moreover, the heavy downpour of negative criticism as well the plagiarism issue has led the new Philippine tourism secretary to resign on his office with great disappointment and left the design for the Philippine tourism logo on the Filipino public.

“The “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” slogan has been bitterly criticized by not only tourism industry leaders but also lawmakers.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago described it as “ignorant.” Other critics called it bland and unimaginative, and said that its being in the national language, not English, made it incomprehensible to the targeted international market.

Its logo also bore a strong resemblance to Poland’s tourism logo, prompting some critics to cry plagiarism.”

—Asian Journal

PNoy himself have ordered the scrapped of this new Philippine tourism logo and have planned to revert back the former Philippine tourism logo “WOW Philippines” coined by former Philippine Tourism secretary Richard Gordon.

Leyte Philippines Beach Vacation

The Relaxing Side of Leyte Philippines

Aside from Leyte Philippines rich historical tourist places, there are also places in LeytePhilippines which was weaved not by history but by nature itself. Leyte has also beaches a beach lover tourist seek, such as the White Beach located at Brg. San Jose where one could do what one is commonly doing in a beach. That is, swimming, skiing, fishing, boating, etc. Another beach which we mention in my article about historical Leyte Philippine or about General Douglas MacArthur historical landing upon the shore of this beach is the Red Beach located at Palo Leyte.

Leyte Philippines have also cool and relaxing places aside from beaches; such is the cool climate of Mt.Kankahanay located at Jaro Leyte. It has scenic virgin forest which nature lovers could appreciate. And from Mt. Kankahanay we may visit Leyte’s cool Parks which also exhibits natural beauty like the scenic virgin forest of Mt. Kankahanay. We may start nature trekking from Mahagnao Volcano National Park where we could see awe inspiring volcanic craters as well as the multi-colored muds and rocks and witness the gigantic ferns and orchids of the virgin forest of this park as well its beautiful lagoons. Then from Mahagnao Volcano National Park we may cross the Lake Danao Natural Park where we could witness a spectacular fall called Guinaniban Falls as well as we could view the breathtaking Amandiwing Mountain Ranges. Not to mention also the beautiful lakes, namely, Mahagnao, Malagsum, Casudsu-ran and Danao Lake of course. Then we could go at   Mt. Pangasugan Ecopark where could see the endangered species of Lemurs and Tarsiers. After we have treaded from this nature trekking we may take a bath at Tongonan Hotsprings National Park to relax our tired feet and body as well.

Like island hopping in Leyte? We may start at San Juanico Straits where it is said that it has beautiful islets, infinite whirlpools, and rushing water sceneries. From San Juanico Straits we may swim first at Amihan Cebu Woodlands which is said to be a perfect site for swimming while watching cattles roams within their grassy pasture. Then after we have taste the swimming experienced at Amihan Cebu Woodlands, we may hop into Himokilan Island to watch how this big delicious coconut-cracking crabs crack our own coconuts. Surely, your own coconut will be crack because of it very delicious taste that will drive you to snorkel or scuba dive them at Mahaba Island in obsession. Or it will drive you nuts to drive Leyte’s longest beautiful bridge in the Philippines which is the San Juanico Bridge into the endpoint of it. It will be tattooed on you mind these beautiful islands of Leyte and will be drive to join Leyte’s Pintados festival where the participants where all tattooed throughout their bodies at Tacloban city.

Perhaps, you have to relax already at The Leyte Park Resort Hotel before you drive your body into the next trip. This resort hotel in Leyte was build by the former first lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos. She builds it in 1979 and now has become a major tourism and convention complex.

Bukidnon Philippines

Landlocked Bukidnon Philippines

Like Baguio Philippines and Sagada Philippines, Bukidnon Philippines is also a perfect place to unwind from our daily stress we face daily on our lives. For Bukidnon Philippines is a landlocked elevated plateau right smack in the middle of the boundaries of Misamis provinces, Agusan del Sur, Davao del Norte, and Lanao Philippines. It has an average of 1,700 feet above sea level which really makes it a cool place to dwell. Rain pours every afternoon and mornings are mostly cold.

Bukidnon Philippines’s capital city which is Malaybalay Bukidnon is dubbed as Bukidnon’s “little Baguio” because of its resemblance to Baguio Philippines which has a fine forests.

Aside from its Baguio-like capital city, most tourists could also visit and take a spiritual retreat at Bukidnon’s lovely Mt. Kitanglad, which kind of have a resemblance of Sagada Philippines’ mountain experienced.( Speaking of spiritual retreat, you could held it also at Bukidnon’s Monastery Of Transfiguration).However, Mt. Kitanglad is the second tallest mountain in the Philippines, second to Mt. Apo the tallest mountain in the Philippines. You could scroll its beautiful sceneries and ambience through horseback riding, if you like. However, if you are adventurous tourist like you like mountain climbing activities, its local government patronizes this kind of activity on Mt. Kitanglad. However, aside from Mt. Kitanglad, there are also two major mountains in Bukidnon, namely, the Mt. Kalatungan and the Mt. Tangkulan.

River-rafting is also patronized on Bukidnon’s bodies of water especially at Pulangi River which is one of the longest rivers in Bukidnon. Aside from Pulangi River, there are other five major rivers at Bukidnon which can be enjoyed by tourist if they like river-rafting adventure, namely, the Manupali, Tagoloan, Bobonawan, Cagayan, and Muleta Rivers.

Perhaps, if it is your first time to hear Bukidnon Philippines, you have not yet heard that Bukidnon Philippines is the Pineapple capital of the Philippines, and mind you it is considered “The Pineapple Capital of the World” as well because of its biggest pineapple plantation of the world. Don’t you know that the world famous pineapple products maker Del Monte Inc., the pineapple plantation on Bukidnon is theirs? Why Del Monte Inc. choose Bukidnon Philippines to be its major pineapple farm? For Bukidnon’s almost perfect location for farming, which is a fertile land, no typhoons vehement it, and sufficient regular distribution of rainfall, convinced Del Monte Inc.

Furthermore, pineapple is not only the crops that grow on Bukidnon’s fertile lands, Bukidnon Philippines is also well known as a major producer of rice, corn, bananas and sugarcane. So if you are visiting Bukidnon, do not just look and pick a pineapple into your shopping and souvenir list, try also their corn, bananas, sugarcane and rice. For if their pineapple is sweetened by its fertile lands surely Bukidnon’s other crops are also well mothered. That is why it is called the paradise of Mindano Philippines.

There are also other places of interest in Bukidnon Philippines; there is the Mangima Canyon Park, where of course you could a river canyon and an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as a relaxing resort. There is also the Del Monte Golf course for golf lovers, and the Sumalasag Cave for cave adventure lovers