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Foster Care For Filipino Street children

Fostering as we all knew it is not similar to adopting a child but it is just a momentary parental care for children that have been neglected or unable to parent by their biological parents. But I am thinking, is fostering could help lessen street children in the streets and could minimize hunger and malnutrition due to poverty as well as juvenile delinquency due to poor parental guidance by their biological parents and financial poverty as well?

For fostering a child until the child could already make life on his or her own could somehow eliminate street children begging for money and food in the streets in the Philippines, as well as could minimize juvenile crimes and poverty rates. For as long as the foster child could already find a decent work, he or she could help eventually also his or her financially poor biological parents and siblings from the poverty they are in thus minimizing poverty rate in the Philippines; I think so.

For comparative study revealed that foster care is even much better than Institutional care like the “Bahay Ampunan” in the Philippines run mostly by Catholic nuns, for it serves a much better child nurturance which the foster child could enjoy and felt a “sense of family” and belongingness in a family unlike “Bahay Ampunan” that cannot really give every child in it a sense of family and sometimes experiencing a substandard attention, care, guidance and support. Moreover, foster care is not costly compare to “Bahay Ampunan” which sometimes only resort to donations just to foster children. Actually, the Parenting Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.(PFP) is promoting foster care or is engaging on foster care and boast that they have already placed a thousand children on foster care but how come there are still a lot of children in the streets of the Philippines especially on cities that are left on hunger and malnutrition and recently on juvenile criminal activities as reported on the news lately? What children is Parenting Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.(PFP) fostering with?

According to Parenting Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.(PFP) the age range they tolerate fostering is from an infant into teens and they works with two types of foster families, namely, the regular families and the volunteer families wherein some are not wealthy families but only middle-class.

“We have foster families from the lower middle-income bracket who are willing to become substitute families for these children”

But if indeed, this is true, how come still great number of streetchildren lingers on the city streets begging for money and food?

However, there are also pitfalls on implementing foster parenting like (1)fake foster parents that will only use the child in their secret criminal activities like child trafficking; (2)if the foster parents already love too much their foster child they will resort into adopting the child in conflict with the interest and consent of the real or biological parents of the foster child which of course could create psychological problem on the child;(3) foster child wouldn’t like to be foster care despite of the financial poverty his or her biological parents is going through;(4) and vice-versa, the biological parents wouldn’t like their children to be foster by a complete stranger despite they suffer on poverty.

Foster parenting is indeed very good but the Parenting Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.(PFP) should also be wary about the danger it could bring to the foster children even though the foster carers submitted a convincing qualifications to be entrusted the child to be foster. For there are reports of international child syndicate or even local child syndicate that use and abuse foster care program to get children for their child trafficking activities.
Thus, sometimes it makes sense that the number of hungry street children in the Philippines is still large.