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Corrupt Philippines

Who’s Corrupt?

Corruption of government funds is not a new issue or should I say not a new problem on every countries of the world; it is always the problem that never goes away because the appointed government officials could not resist the temptation of large sum of money being delivered to his or her office or being entrusted on his or her authority to dispose it. Thus, one succumbs to “corrupt” the funds or either to steal some (“Kupit” on Tagalog dialect) of it or the worst plunder the entire funds.

It is obvious why one is tempted to corrupt the government funds on one’s care and authority because money have power to feed one’s necessities and pleasures and money is very hard to earn. It is the value of money and one’s desire to have it motivates one to steal some of the government funds (or make “Kupit”) or to plunder the entire funds and make fake assessment and false vouchers or receipts where the fund is spent; and any government officials who steal or plunder the funds entrusted to them is said to be corrupt or a “corrupt official” as they say because one cannot overcome the seduction of money and the temptation to steal. But their situation is completely understandable because we all need money and to label some as “crook, crocodile, evil, etc.” and treat them unfairly is a very clear hypocritical attitude or a self-righteous attitude that only mess up the situation instead of solving the situation or the problem harmoniously, peacefully and in a respectful honored way; just like what happened on the Philippine Senate hearing regarding the allegations of Arm Forces of the Philippines(AFP) generals corrupting large sum of funds that will suppose to be used for military purposes and for the welfares of the low-ranking military soldiers.

The “ill-mannered” senators headed by senator Antonio Trillanes, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, and Senator Miriam Defensor act “crookedly” or ‘in a crocodile” manner toward what they accused “crooked/crocodile” AFP officials, specifically to former AFP chief Angelo Reyes, which also resulted a ‘crooked” eventuality when former AFP chief Angelo Reyes took his own life because he felt very disrespected by the disrespectful attitude of the so-called “Respectful” Senators. What a shame to these hypocritical Philippine Senators on their “crooked” and “crocodile attitude” against to former AFP chief Angelo Reyes whom they accused as “crooked” and “crocodile” or ‘thief” whereas they themselves are the ones who act “crookedly’. Former AFP chief Angelo Reyes is more honorable in his act though he is accused as “crooked” than the senators who and accused him as “corrupt/crooked”. What a shame to these real “corrupt/crooked” Philippine senators!

What transpires on the Philippine Senate hearing is more corrupt than those being accused of administrative corruption. Real corruption is not only defined as “corrupting the government funds” but also on the manner of thinking and actions on every situation one is involved with. Thus, real reforms are not only applicable on the grounds of “corrupting public funds” but also in the system and manner a government is run by its administrators, as well as the attitude of those who have authority or those who govern. For how can you promote good governance if you being one of the government officials also do the same what you accused of as “crooked”. There should be no hypocrisy. For it would be then “crooks” accusing “fellow crooks” to be “crooks”. The government system of inquisition on the accused then will be a circus and carnival event.

Therefore, is the Philippine Senate hearing on the accused a mere circus wherein Angelo Reyes could not bear which lead him to took his own life because the inquiry on him will not lead into a right path because of the “crooked” handling of the inquiry mixed with personal vendetta of the Philippine Senators who grill him on his seat? What a shame to the Philippines, that the Philippine Senate is also a “corrupt” government department run by “crooks” or by “crooked” senators who cannot handle an inquiry in a professional, respectful and honorable way or manner. So being “corrupt officials” in the Philippines is not only corrupting the government funds but also corrupting the system and the department by one’s crooked and corrupt attitude and character. What a beautiful Phiippines!

So therefore, Senators Antonio Trillanes, Jinggoy Estrada, and Miriam Defensor are also “corrupt officials” that must be grilled on the hot seat of Philippine Senate inquiry else the word “corrupt’ will be bias and will yield a wrong perception among the Filipino masses, if the Philippine government wants the Philippine to be “Corrupt-Free” country; it should be holistic. Thus, because of these “corrupt” senators, nothing is being achieved on the case files being filed, similar to the corrupt officials who corrupt government funds wherein also nothing is being achieved on their respective local governments.”Same-same” situation but mostly Self-righteousness and Hypocrisy rules in the Philippines thus nothing is being achieved but only a heap of disasters, defamation against one another, and negative resonance.

“Corrupt Me, if I am Wrong” (Corrupt Ako, kapag Mey Mali Sa Akin) – is the favorite Malice bread of some self-righteous hypocrite government officials whose hobby is to seek something fishy or wrong on their fellow government officials; they quickly judge their fellows as a corrupt official and file a case against their fellow government official with only basis is suspicions, speculations and malice motivated by their self-righteous attitude.

Indeed, the Philippine is a corrupt country.