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Traitor Aquinos

“Retarded and Misdirected”, this is how the lawmakers in the Philippines branded the decision and action of PNoy when he supported secretly the enemies of the Philippine republic-the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)- by giving them a secret P5 Million funds through a secret Tokyo meeting with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Al Haj Murad Ibrahim last August 5,2011 to support secretly the plans of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for reinforcing the Moros, in disguise as “Peace Talks” but in full denial when the secret deal was exposed in the public and even use GMA as their scapegoat yet totally fail. For Noynoy and his KKK excuses were too illogical to be accepted.

In attempt to clean his own treason act, Noynoy announces an “all-out-justice” for those 19 Filipino soldiers that have died mercilessly on the hands of the Moros in Basilan but still fall short and boomerang back on his Hypocrite face because he has protected the Moros by his own policy and by his support for the Moros who have killed the 19 Filipino soldiers by giving them P5 million funds which is suspected that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) used the fund to buy guns and ammunitions which the Moros has probably use to kill the 19 Filipino soldiers though the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) denied they haven’t used the P5 Million funds yet and will use it for the training of their Moros to be a better leader[??] and for the betterment of Muslim Filipinos(according to the PNoy Administration) in the hands of the Moros[???] which could be perceive as mere alibi to cover-up their dirty acts and plans.

Aquino supporting the Moros is indeed not farfetched because PNoy’s own father Ninoy Aquino is a communist conspirator who provide confidential information to Malaysia which eventually lead the Philippines to lose battle for Sabah by exposing the secret plan of former Philippine president Marcos to reclaim Sabah from illegal ownership of Malaysia which consequently cause the deaths of many Filipinos soldiers then who fight for Philippines’ ownership of Sabah by the treasonous act of Ninoy Aquino(a traitor of the Filipino race yet ignorant and brainwashed Filipinos considered him a hero).The Malaysian government is now the one gaining billions of money from oil and gas-rich Sabah illegally which is supposed to be the Philippines is the one who gains from its own land that has been snatched illegally.

Moreover, if Noynoy is like his father who loves to commit treasonous acts against Filipinos, Ninoy is also like his own father also, Benigno Aquino Sr., the grandfather of Noynoy who also commit treason act against his fellow Filipinos during World War II at the Japanese Occupation being a Makapili who betrays fellow Filipinos to the Japanese. These truths are not black propaganda against the Aquino but actually they are historically real and fact and can be verified.

Furthermore, the woman hailed as saint and mother of Philippine democracy of many Filipinos today -Corazon Aquino- free the leader of Community Part of the Philippines(CPP)-New People’s Army(NPA) Jose Maria Sison who spread communist terrorism in the Philippines then after being arrested and jailed by former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.

What can we say, the Aquino family is in full support of the Communist groups that spreads terroristic acts in the Philippines yet some Filipinos are still blind about the Aquinos by considering them heroes and saint[???] despite the reality that the Aquinos were not but rather enemies of the Filipinos disguise as good and supporter of Filipino mass.

When will the Filipino people be awaken from being deceived and played by the self-seeking oligarchs like the Aquino family? Up to when the Filipinos allow these traitors to continue to wrecked the entire Philippines asunder, up to when?

Pinas Top News # 9

From July 4 To July 10

1. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Irregularities? What is really regular? Yes, it is the poor factor again is the issue for alleged anomalies and irregularities; it is the insecurities of those who covet the office of PCSO that when expenses were not directed to the benefit of the poor ones, it is called “Corruption” even though there is none(The customary practice is the one must be change if one desire to change it and not casting a bad connotation regarding such practice to be “corrupt act” which only spew misinformation, wrath and mistrust of the ignorant masses)

Mudslinging activities should be stop instead because it does not help the country but rather divides the country and only creates schism. Political mudslinging headed by none other than the new Philippine president Benigno Aquino III or PNoy is indeed the “real corruption” that must be stop, for it do not only corrupts fellow political opponents’ dignity and honor but also it corrupts people’s mind that leads them to exercise and practice unfair judgment, thus corrupting the entire nation.

Political Dirt; Paint the Nation with Mud

Political Dirt; Paint the Nation with Mud

Is mudslinging or malicious attacks against political opponents on the public eye even on the political pulpit a “straight path (daang matuwid)” as PNoy administration promotes?

2. Heartless Rule of the Law versus Human Compassion. The law must not rule over men because the laws are just the creation of men but if law rules over mankind, it is like worshipping a graven image believed to be god that sends plagues and punishment to those who oppose and do not worship the graven image. Yes, it is idolatrous and spiritual corruption. For just like the graven image that do not have a heart to understand so also the Law. Moreover, laws are egoistically Bias in nature thus it says “Walang sinasanto, lahat sinasagasaan; Walang kapatid, walang minimal at Walang PUSO at Kaluluwa”(“No one is above the law; no one is excluded; no saint, no brothers, no friends at most NO HEART AND NO SOUL”) because it only listens and understands itself. Thus, laws imposed without a human heart are Cruel, ruthless, Tyrant, Oppressive, Anti-human and most of all EVIL.

The Davao city Mayor Sara Duterte is on the national hot seat for her conduct to defend poor people from being homeless due to the demolition team that are summon by a higher authority to imposed the “rule of law” no matter what.

On Her compassionate act, the cruel rule of the law want to suck her up by filing an administrative lawsuit against her compassionate act to depend the poor people being force to be homeless, which the law called “bad conduct” only because she punch the agent of the law to depend human rights.

But fortunately, there is no one file a complaint against her even the court sheriff which she have assaulted but the higher authority wants to punish her. Cruel Law!

3. Philippine Azkals New Game. The Philippine football team is on the limelight again for a brand new game. Cheers Phil! Ehehe.

4. New Plunder cases against GMA. Anti-GMA will do everything just to satisfy their boiling compulsion and obsession to Kill and Chop former Philippine president Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her family and friends and former cabinet staffs into tiny pieces. That is how sadistic and demonic they become because of their anger and wrath against GMA.

Their pursuit to kill a small fellow Filipina woman seems to be endlessly cruel and unforgiving because the cases and lawsuits filed against GMA and her family and former cabinet staffs is continuously pouring. That’s what I called REAL EVIL act. For it is too much.

5. Hacienda Luisita Conflict. The long battle and struggle of the farmers against Aquino family own hacienda estate is still unsettled though the Supreme Court recently allows farmers to vote on two choices: that is either if they want land ownership or have shares of stocks in Hacienda Luisita Inc.

Farmers were divisive and sometimes indecisive in their choices because of some fear and anxiety of being tricked and deceived by the Aquinos.

6. Kylie Minogue Concert. The world renowned Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue have arise from the Philippine sea as the Greek Aphrodite on her giant golden sea shell and spellbound the Filipino audience satisfied though the tickets on her Philippine concert is chokingly costly.

The New Philippine President

Pompous Inaugural

Pompous celebration Again? Yes, Pilipino once again set their hope and expectations with pomp and glitters of happy and hopeful emotions to the inaugural of a newly elected Philippine president which the eventuality always are frustrations, impeachment and “people power” if the newly elected Philippine president have not met the expectations and the hope they trust and cling on during the pompous inaugural.

Now, the inaugural of the 15th Philippine president has been highly hope for because they expect too much that the 15th Philippine president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will not fail them and disappoint them just like what the former Philippine presidents have always done.

For some Pilipinos thought that “Noynoy” being a son of the Philippine’s icons of democracy – late ex-Philippine president Corazon Aquino and late ex-Philippine Senator Benigno Aquino – he will also do the like of his parents. However, do his parents have augmented the condition and status of the Philippines, economically and spiritually? In my opinion, they did not, but rather his parents only oppose political oppression and dictatorship and not economic oppression and spirituality. For if the late ex-Philippine President Corazon Aquino have truly reign successfully and have truly bring success and progress to the Philippines, politically, economically, and spiritually, there would be no problems of such of these now and on during her reign or administration, like graft and corruption, poverty, moral hypocrisy, etc.? Is not it?

Therefore, is “Noynoy” the hope Pilipino are waiting for or is it just a mere an empty emotional excitement again?