Philippine National Sports

Shift of Philippines’ National Sports

Before Manny Pacquio becomes a phenomenal Philippine boxing icon, most Pilipinos were inclined to basketball sports and basketball icons like Robert Jaworksi, Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Cordinera and other Philippine basketball superstars that have been idolized by many Pilipinos young and old.

Basketball then is the main signature sports of the Philippines or the National Sports of the Philippines where every championship games were highly and greatly anticipated and awaited, either live or on every one’s television set, to cheer for their favorite basketball teams. However, this excitement on basketball sports have decline and mellow when the boxing underdog Manny Pacquio won an episodic victories against his foreign boxing opponents that surprised most Pilipino sports enthusiasts .Since then, boxing become the apple of the eye of many young sports aspirants that also wanted to achieve what Manny Pacquio have achieved.

Moreover, boxing sport s becomes, part of the primetime news in the Philippines television, whereas back then, it was on the late time, and basketball was on the primetime news on TV and radio.

Truly, Philippines’ National Sports have greatly shifted from basketball craze into boxing mania because of the success, Manny Pacquio have achieved. Moreover, because of the success of Manny, some amateur boxing athletes which have won an international boxing game has now been reported, back then it not but only seldom.

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