November 1 and 2

The Horror of November 1 and 2

November 1 and 2 being a national holiday in the Philippines is not really impressive rather aside from its colonial origin; it brings a monstrous detestable mindset for a simple-minded and common Filipino against his or her fellow Filipinos. Thus, the horror of November 1 /2.

So, what is this detestable mindset which an ordinary simple thinking Filipinos are subscribe to? The ordinary simple-minded Filipinos were conditioned to think that November 1 is a moral obligation to respect and honor the dead ones around the world, thus those who do not participate to this holiday and do not visit their dead love ones during this holiday are deemed immoral and bad people not respecting and honoring their dead love ones. Moreover, they cast despisement against other religions that do not do such kind of celebration or do not have such holiday on their respective calendars.

How Filipinos do November 1

How Filipinos do November 1

This kind of mindset is naïve thinking and only those who do not think well and right will only subscribe to this cheap mindset, and only those who do not use their brain well are influenced and susceptible to this kind of mental conditioning. For November 1 is part of the religious nonsense dogmas of the hypocrite religion in the world – Christianity; A nonsense tradition to control the general mass around the world, including some Filipino Christians, into submission under those who have religious powers. Majority are willing to be slaves of those who are in power.

How Filipinos Do November 1

How Filipinos Do November 1

It is nonsense because you can visit anytime your dead love ones at any day and any month you want to because such visitation is not obligatory and mandatory but rather it is more personal thing and have no moral connotation. Thus, other religions do not have such general activity or holiday because it is stupid to mandate it. It is just mandated in Christianity or in the Catholic Church because Constantine (the true creator and founder of Christianity [though some deny it and said it is Jesus Christ or Paul of Tarsus] who also founded the so-called Council of Nicaea that forms or creates the new religion – Christianity) wants to gain more political control over the major religious factions which tends to undermine the unity of his empire at his time and within his empire and sphere of influence. The Catholic Church has mandated it for the sake of control; you see it is pure political not spiritual.

Thus, those only who do not use their brain well are led astray by such kind of stupid nonsense religious obligations and traditions. For the Catholic Church is the one who actually disrespect and dishonor your dead ones, by making your personal and intimate attachment to your dead love loves a mere obligatory thing and corrupt the solemnity and sacredness of your personal attachment to your dead love ones by treading your own personal rights to visit your dead love ones at any time and any day you want to by creating a mandate for an official visitation, which is really very stupid and nonsense.

So, are you willing to be slave of this holiday and let your personal attachment to your dead love ones be corrupted? Or reclaimed your personal rights to visit your dead love ones in a true personal, solemn and sacred way of visiting them and remembering them?

Is not it, November 1 Christian holiday is unnecessary and nonsense but continually followed by its blind believers with mental conditioned mindset that if they don’t follow the tradition, they are already disrespecting their dead love ones, as well as disrespecting God’s desires? Poor religious slaves.Tsk.tsk.

Giving Light to the Dead?

Giving Light to the Dead?

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  1. Pinoy Post author

    Thanks for your time reading :)
    Perhaps you should read very slowly my post to get what i mean,however,if you are a solid catholic,there is no need to reread it because your comment is pretty obvious that Catholicism monopolize”god” on their religion,and practice religious discrimination among other religions.What about the Muslims,are they godless?what about the buddhism,are they godless?etc. etc..It is indeed clearly obvious,historically,logically and spiritually that Catholics are narrow-minded….sorry for it…But please open wide your mind….

    Perhap,you should think thrice friend…

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