Ilocos Sur In The Philippines Beaches And Resorts

Within our Philippine travel, Ilocos Sur Philippines is more depicted as the most cultural province in the Philippines and most popular cultural tourist spot in the history of Philippine tourism, due to Vigan City is at its center. However, Ilocos Sur Philippines is also rich in Philippine beaches and resort, a beach lover could enjoy. Its beach resorts are also one of the best Philippines resort and Philippines vacation destination.

Let’s take for example the Cabugao Beach Resort which is said to be the small Boracay Philippines of the North or Northern Luzon Philippines. Cabugao Ilocos Sur is second last municipality in the borders of Ilocos Sur Philippines. This Beach Resort is simple, quiet, and beautiful beach and inexpensive to unwind and relax yourself. It has white sand like to Boracay Philippines and Palm trees and a swimming pool in front of the beach itself, in case you are afraid surfing the waves you can instead swim at the adjacent swimming pool. Cabugao Beach Resort has its own restaurant which serves a free delicious breakfast to those tourists visiting the resort. Cabugao Beach Resort is formerly known as Cabugao Public Beach and Park, it is a municipality-owned beach resort at Cabugao Ilocos Sur Philippines.

However, aside from Cabugao Beach Resort you could found at Cabugao Ilocos Sur in the Philippines, there a private owned beach resort also which is, the Ponce Del Mar and Restaurant Beach Resort.

These two beach resorts at Cabugao Ilocos Sur in the Philippines are collectively known as the Pug-os Beach. These beaches were along the highway of Cabugao Ilocos Sur Philippines at barangay Pug-os.

However, there is an alternative beach resort at Cabugao aside from Pug-os Beach that is the Salapasap Beach. It is said this beach resort has cheaper rates that Pug-os Beach.

Aside from beach resort one could enjoy at Cabugao Ilocos Sur Philippines, there is this Salomague Island which is a favorite Port of seafarers, merchants, and traders from various Asian countries long time ago. This island is said to be best for scuba diving and sports fishing.

There are a lot of things you can do at Cabugao Ilocos Sur Philippines which I could no longer state here.

Other popular beach at Ilocos Sur Philippines is the Santiago Cove beach Resort; it is not a white sand beach but golden sand along the shores. It is indeed a unique and beautiful rare golden sand beach. Its resort is complete with amenities. Of course, it is located at Santiago Ilocos Sur Philippines. However, some thought the sand is white but actually it is really golden in the sense.

Another unique beach at Ilocos Sur Philippines is the Sulvec Beach. This Beach has a rocky shore and has a grotto atop a rock. This beach is favorite stop-over of commuters and those who are at Narvacan Ilocos Sur.

There are other two beaches one could visit at Ilocos Sur Philippines, namely, the Apatot beach resort where the beach is surrounded with apatot trees, and the Candon Beach.

Aside from beaches, Ilocos Sur has a mini-zoo park which is called Baluarte. It a 20 hectare land developed by Chavit Singson. This mini-zoo is located at Vigan City Philippines.

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