Mt. Arayat in the Philippines

MT ARAYAT: The Mystic and Majestic Mountain

Mt. Arayat is a 2000 ft. looming land mass that stands majestically against a stark-blue horizon in myhome province of Pampanga. It is known for its beauty as well as for its mystery.  Legend has it, that Mariang Sinukuan, the local goddess of nature, lives in the interior of the forest.  She is very beautiful as well as kind-hearted.  She is generous in giving gifts to the local folks, and she helps lost travellers find their way out of the mountain.  But she also punishes those who ravish nature.  Many inhabitants of the mountain see her bathing in the river on a clear moonlight.  Sometimes, she is seen prominading the hills and glens.

But aside from the legend, Mt. Arayat is often visited by local and foreign tourists.  The mountain is very beautiful.  A trek to its summit is a delightful adventure.  You can view the skyline of the whole province.  On its top, one can commune with nature to his heart’s content.  The many colorful florals and faunas, the chirping birds atop the branches on sun-drenched, emerald-green, trees, the swaying grass that dances in rhythm with the gentle breeze are a sight to behold.  The tranquil forest and the serene mountain lake send bliss to solitude.  So, if you want to escape the hussles and bussels of city life, Mt. Arayat is the place to be.  In this mountain, you can have everything that nature has to offer.

The goverment has also seen the potential of the mountain.  Plans are in the offing to develop it as a nature tourist spot.  To plant floras of export quality that will generate income and create jobs for the locals.  It will also be developed into a wildlife sanctuary.  If plans push through, Mt. Arayat will gain prominence as one of the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines.

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    its true that arayat is good places to rest, but when we observed arayat. its not yet improve because there is so many to accomplish. if im asking what to prove more, is that, the supermarket of arayat.

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