Sex and the city

Sex and the City in the Philippines

There is a major city in the Philippines where promiscuity rules like a king or queen without any struggle against the new and old Philippine administrations that come and go, respectively. Well, because we all do it, is not it? And it is only natural acts common to humans and animals alike. Thus, this city is free to show its lewdness. The name of the trade in this city in the Philippines when darkness started to cover the city is: “Show me what you got (that is, your hot bodies for rent or for sale) and I will show you mine (that is, your cold cash)”

This particular city in the Philippines that is often tagged or labeled as the “Sex capital” (euphemistically called “Entertainment Capital of Central Luzon “) of the Philippines is the Angeles city at the province of Pampanga Philippines. It was so labeled because of the emergence of American or US soldiers base on Clark Air Base then which are looking for hot stuff at night within the city, wherein the natives of Angeles city find an opportunity to augment their financial condition by serving these American soldiers their sexual needs, in a hope not only to have an income but to be able to marry a wealthy people like the US soldiers.

Typical Prostitution Scene

Typical Prostitution Scene

At present the city is already filled with lewdness during night hours with lots of motels, bars, and prostitutes within the city serving the lonely and horny foreigners and locals in the city.

Sex workers come into many varieties as of the current sex trade:

1. Girl Prostitute that serves both straight men and lesbian women

2. Boy prostitute that serves both straight women and gay men

3. Gay and Lesbian prostitute that serves fellow gays, bisexuals and fellow lesbians, bisexuals, respectively.

4. Masseurs and escorts that offers not only massage but also sex as the extra service.

Though such kind of sexual trade does not only happen in Angeles City but also throughout every city in the Philippines and in the world, the city is still the most hot seconded by Manila Philippines with so much lewdness at night. However, Angeles city is not all about sex and sex, but it is the city in central Luzon Philippines that has a high class cityhood seconded by city of San Fernando Pampanga (CSFP) because of many business establishments that serves quality service and which gives its inhabitants job opportunities (however, some jobless, unfortunately resort to prostitution because money is easy in such kind of job)

Sex industry in the Philippines like in any part of the world is indeed a flourishing and growing business because all humans need sex, but however this biological necessities have spawn sex-related diseases around the world which is of course HIV and AIDS, due to uncontrolled and promiscuous sexual activities done by almost everyone now in the world without the use of protection like condoms but even though there is a usage of condom, still some got sex-related sickness like vagina yeast infection, oral yeast infection, and male yeast infection which can be spread also though one uses condom or protection against unwanted sex-related disease like STD,HIV and AIDS.

Moreover, Sex industry in the Philippines is being boost by the emergence of cities that invites foreigners who might have secret Sex-related disease like STD, HIV and AIDS whose aim in visiting every cities of the world to spread his or her disease through hiring a sex worker that may spread the disease, thus the rise sometimes of STD, HIV and AIDS victims on every cities of the world. However, recent studies that AIDS rate has been successively lowered in rate by the use of protective sex protection like condoms. But recently in the Philippines there is a report of increase of AIDS victims.

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