FOI Bill

Hallucinating To Be The Key To End Corruption

Does the Freedom Of Information (FOI) Bill really the answer to end corruption and anomalies in the government, most especially in the Philippines? In my opinion, my answer is definitely flat “NO”; even though there are clamors that Freedom Of Information (FOI) Bill could be the key to end corruption and anomalies in the government once and for all. Those who advocate and promote this bill to be the ultimate solution to end corruption are hallucinating and daydreaming. For how can it end corruption and anomalies in the government if the government itself is the one who controls the public documents and could choose which one to be open and concealed to and from the public, respectively. Whatever the form of government and whoever is the leader or head of state of the government or a particular country or in the Philippines, the government will still seek its self-protection from being scrutinized and rend by the hands of the civil society; else the government will fall asunder and anarchy will rule.

The government will always seek to protect itself against unscrupulous inquiries of unknown civilian who wanted or requesting public documents and the government will only provide which the government personally deem for public usage and disposal and conceal the rest from the public most especially the very important documents.
The fear of destabilized National Security; espionage from other countries; the fear of secret terrorist attack by giving public documents to a disguise terrorist as civilian; etc. spells out loudly that Freedom Of Information (FOI) Bill is not the key to end the so-called corruption and anomaly in the government, especially in the Philippines.

To the Filipinos who advocates and promotes the Freedom Of Information(FOI)Bill and insist the passage of this bill into Philippine laws only because NoyNoy Aquino is now the president of the Philippines are indeed daydreaming that NoyNoy will not be bias and will open every government agencies and departments to the public like a free open field wherein everyone could took upon their feet on; unless NoyNoy or PNoy is a very stupid president of the Philippines to do that and if they see NoyNoy is indeed a very stupid Philippine president to risk the National Security of the Philippines from being attack secretly by unscrupulous civilians. So that is why they vote NoyNoy? In order to ransack the government documents because NoyNoy can be fool and dupe?

Actually, the Aquino administration have already modified this bill according to some reports that do not suits the desires of those who advocates it but rather that will suits the interests of the government itself which is the National security of the government.

“…There are certain information that legitimately cannot be provided to the citizens for obvious reasons… It’s really defining what areas are. ..”
—-GMA News

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