Exploited Filipinos?

Victims Of Drugs And Money

Death for drug trafficking is the fate for most Filipinos working abroad who was said to be victimized by world drug syndicate disguising as an international job recruiters that promises jobs abroad that has well-off salaries wherein most poor Filipinos who are aspiring for greener pasture abroad were tempted to apply without suspecting the legality of this international job agency because of Filipinos favorite motto “Kahit ano basta mey trabaho;basta para sa pamilya;huwag lang pabigat” or because of Filipinos love for their families that they will do everything in order to survive and to help.

Most Filipinos who were in a death rows specifically on China were said to have a drug trafficking case which they unwittingly got from the job they unsuspectingly knew to be just a disguise for such illegal activity. For most Filipinos are obedient and industrious in terms of work to their masters; thus it is said that some foreign countries love Filipino workers because of such obedient and industrious attitude in their works. However, this good attitude of some Filipinos on work is sometimes becomes the reason for Filipinos to be duped, deceived, abused and frame up by their foreign employers. For there are many Filipinos who are imprisoned and have criminal cases abroad, especially now that there are sprouting reports that there are many Filipinos working abroad who are sentenced to death penalty which the Philippine government have no such knowledge of or they have already knew it but do not do any actions at all. But as reported, the Philippine government is doing their best to save as much as possible our fellow Filipinos from being sentenced to death.

However, some Filipinos here in the Philippines were so insensitive, very judgment, hard-hearted, self-righteous and siding foreigners(that is, they trusted and sided more the foreign countries who convicts their racial brothers or fellow Filipinos for such an alleged crimes rather than sided their fellow Filipinos) to their own fellow Filipino brothers and sisters which only hampers the case of their fellow Filipinos abroad because the foreigners will have an impression that the Filipino race are very divisive people and their decision to sentenced these Filipino workers is really right. These foreign will have an impression “If their own racial brothers they do not trust and love; so how can we trust their innocence against the crimes we accused them”.

These some insensitive Filipinos, not only shows lack of moral support to their fellow Filipinos but also gave the Philippines as well as the Filipino race a bad name and reputation on the sight of foreign countries that the Philippines is indeed a den of criminals and the Filipino race are really bad people because Filipinos condemn one another and do not trust one another and would betray their fellow Filipinos to a foreigner.

Report about OFWs sentence to death penalty because of drug trafficking

Report about OFWs sentence to death penalty because of drug trafficking

But if Filipinos will all unite on one voice to show their support for their fellow Filipinos working abroad, the foreign countries will be ashamed and would think twice about their impression to Filipino race that they might be just frame up and are really innocent and good people.

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