Education In The Philippines

Quality of Education In The Philippines

When we say “education”, we mean academic achievements is not it?; academic awareness and information on every specific subjects of life learn from mainstream schools and universities and not learn outside the mainstream schools and universities. Thus, when one learn something outside what  the mainstream schools and universities teaches and share it to others, one is despised as a non-educated person or one’s gain knowledge and information is baseless and rubbish and cannot be accepted like a bastard child begotten out of wedlock.

The Education Rally

Education Rally

How can the mainstream educators so sure what they teach is infallible and credible? Actually, the type of education being taught on mainstream schools and universities have largely Western thoughts and Catholic Christian precepts on regards to values and good moral subjects, and despising some major Eastern school of thoughts which are more of high-quality and less erroneous. But sad to say, the majority loves the Western thoughts. So, this is the “high quality” education the new Philippine president of the Philippines is pursuing of: extending two years the Western school of thoughts? What a bright president, the length of one’s study and not changing the obsolete way of teaching and informing on public elementary and high schools in the Philippines is the high quality of education for him? Has the new Philippine president made a joke or he is just too smart that he overlook the real issue why there is a poor quality of education on public schools in the Philippines?

The Class hours

Classroom in the Philippines

Actually, the real issue why there is a poor quality of education is the kind and quality of information and awareness being taught to young Filipinos and how it is taught. That is some information and awareness being teach are already sometimes obsolete, erroneous, and fallacious and even bias teachings that teaches the young minds to despise other religions in the country, like Islam and non-Christian religions as not real worshippers of God but only the Catholic Christians are the real worshippers of God, rather than respect and equality for other groups of people especially religious people and homosexual groups.

Moreover, some teaching materials being used are broken and poorly published like some books and manuals and sometimes there are incompetent teachers or educators who just rely on erroneous books and do not have a heart and initiative to teach well, but what only wants is the salary.

Now, the new Philippine president is extending this kind of poor education system on public schools by adding two more years to it, thinking it will enhance the quality of education in the Philippines? Actually, if the information and materials being teach and used on public schools in the Philippines is not on poor quality, there is no need for an extension of two more years, because what is the sense of extending two more years if the educational system is already good, and what does two more years have to do to enhance the quality of education if the educational system remains poor just like before the additional two is added?

The upgrading of subjects in the way they were teach and the information being teach on it, as well as the upgrading of the competency of the teachers or educators and even the ambience or study rooms (the students should be comfortable and at ease while learning something from an educator so that they could easily get, understand, and assimilate the information being taught to them and even enjoy their studies) are the ones that should be prioritized and upgrade to a very high standards and quality, than just extending two more years.

Philippine President

New Philippine President

This problem on public schools in the Philippines is very obvious thus; this should be the one that should be prioritized of than creating another problem where to get funds for a proposed extended two more years. Obviously, a proposed two more years will not fix the problem and will not enhance the quality of education on public schools in the Philippines; it will just add more problems and burdens to students, teachers, and parents to the ongoing problems.

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