Vaginal Lock?

Can’t Get Out!

If the revelation and shocking transformation of former matinee idol hunk rustom padilla have greatly rock the Philippine showbizlandia, there is another handsome matinee idol that made a noise recently. The reserve and good boy image Mr. John Lloyd Cruz.

John Lloyd Cruz have a good boy image and known as an outstanding young dramatic actor on his generation and never make so much noise for many years he is the Philippine Showbiz industry, but recently he rocks the Philippine Entertainment industry by a report that he and his new girlfriend Shaina Magdayao were rushed in the hospital sexually attached on one another, that he could not pull out his penis after or rather on their sexual acts which caused as the report that there is a “vaginal lock” on Shaina Magdayao’s  vagina, just like the dogs who do sexual acts and become sexually locked on one another.

John Llyod Cruz

John Llyod Cruz

I know this report is very funny and seemingly “unbelievable”, but it was indeed a showbiz report reported on the news. But let us take a look if what is this “vaginal lock” is all about.

According to what I have Google, it is really possible that the vagina of a women could lock men’s penis inside her by her legs power which is called “kegel”. The muscle of her legs could squeeze the penis inside her, which when not quickly remedied or if the penis inside her could not be pulled out quickly from being squeezed, the blood on his penis will clot or of course will have risky health implication; and this Vagina lock is mostly reported to those men who loves to hook prostitutes.

Shaina Magdayao

Shaina Magdayao

Thus, John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao were rush into the hospital in full naked to avoid quickly the health implications of what have happened to them. Perhaps, Shaina Magdayao’s vagina locks up because she still young and haven’t have no frequent sexual encounters with men yet or it maybe it is just an accident.

This event is really of course embarrassing for both young actors since they are idolized as a sensible actor and actress of their own generation, however for those who understood their situation, it is not that embarrassing or whatever, it is normal for a lover to have premarital sex, but what is worrying is their good and sweetie image to their young fans who idolized them.

However, what happen to them was not sensationalized because it is of course a very sensitive issue.

6 thoughts on “Vaginal Lock?

  1. arcie

    grabeh..mas malala p sya k kathrina eh..base on my researsch..vaginal lock is nag sisimula s sobrang excitement un..kadiri tlga..ang aga nyang bumigay k jlc..cguro pinag tatawanana n sya ngaun ni j’prats..eeewwww=/

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