Clone or Original?

TV5 back then promises that it would be very different Philippine TV network that will not imitate the two giant Philippine TV networks that mimics one another and clone one shows, but is TV5 channel 5 really fulfilling its promise back then or have just repeatedly break and disappoint the expectation of the Filipino viewers who craves for a very different Philippine TV viewing experience? However, despite there are some originals, lately the TV station has been filled with mimic shows to keep its TV ratings in close contact with the two giant Philippine TV networks; they now go “in the flow” and lose their originality.

Aside from mimic shows like musical variety shows, comedy sitcoms, new and journalism programs ,fantasy-series, Korean series, drama anthology, showbiz news and intrigues, cartoons, child shows and some others; which are just a mere copied conceptualized shows from the two giant Philippine TV networks,TV5 have also finally jump into another mimicry when it boast to reveal their very first drama series –“Babaeng Hampaslupa”- or teleserye that will be aired on their primetime slot which is also similar to what the two Philippine TV giant network is doing which makes us realized that truly primetime drama series on Philippine TV is a very lucrative TV shows wherein one TV network could profit a lot.



Where is now the originality promised by TV5 back then?

Moreover, it also mimic the tagging of one’s TV station similar to the two giant Philippine TV networks that tagged their TV stations, by tagging one’s TV station to be a “Kapatid” station in line with ABS-CBN channel 2 tagged itself to be a “Kapamilya” and GMA channel 7 to be “Kapuso’; another mimicry of TV5 that deviates from its promise back then. That never ends there its mimic activities; actually most of the TV5 pool of stars are just former stars of the two giant Philippine TV networks that either transferred voluntarily into their TV station or have been courted and imported by TV5 into their station which gave Filipino viewers a sense of feeling that TV5 could be an extension network or sister TV station of either ABS-CBN channel 2 or GMA channel 7 for the TV viewing ambience resemble ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7.

But what about their TV show “Talentadong Pinoy” which is one of their top rating program, is it original or just another clone show? Actually, ”Talentadong Pinoy’ is also a copy cat show copied from the international talent shows with the same format, concept and style like “America’s Got Talent”, ”Britain’s Got Talent”, etc.(which ABS-CBN got franchise of it to make a Philippine version of it, that is “Pilipinas Got Talent”).Why don’t you check this out these foreign talent shows and compare to TV5’s “Talentadong Pinoy” show? They just change and altered some format to suit the Filipino needs but the theme and the concept of the foreign shows was still in this TV program of them. Moreover, what more disappointing to this TV5 show is they accused ABS-CBN channel 2 of copying their show whereas in reality they are the one who copied the concept and theme of the show from foreign talent shows. ABS-CBN just got a franchise of the original foreign talent show but them they don’t get a franchise but utterly copy the concept and theme.

Therefore, if TV5 will not stop mimicking other shows from other TV networks here and abroad and always importing stars and celebrities from other TV networks instead of creating of its own original conceptualized shows and breed its own home-grown stars, then TV5 will absolutely lose its identity and will not be really an alternative TV viewing TV network in the Philippines for Filipinos who demand and crave for truly fresh and brand new TV viewing experience in the Philippine TV but just a mere a copy cat TV station or a CLONE TV.

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