Original Pilipino Music

Has Original Pilipino Music Died?

For me Original Pilipino Music or OPM never died or whatever dying state some Filipinos who illusion it or as they trying to imply. Actually, it evolves and become revolutionary only from its one note tone into variety of music genre: ballad, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, and alternative.

OPM - Original Pilipino Music

OPM - Original Pilipino Music

Perhaps, these Filipinos who illusion when they said Original Pilipino Music have died is the arise of English Pilipino Songs in the Pinoy Music Industry to compete with foreign English songs in the music market or the absence of all Tagalog songs or the absence of proudly multi-language songs of Pilipino like Cebuano songs, Kapampangan songs, Visayan Songs, etc. in the music market.

Yeah, there is an absence of these kinds of songs in Philippine Music Industry as well as in the Pinoy music market today virtually, but any Pilipino composer could make it anyway in the music market if one composes like Cebuano songs or Kapampangan Songs. Actually, there are some songs like these in the music market today like the Kapampangan songs:” Atin Ku Pung Singsing” and “Oh Jo Kaluguran Daka”, which in fairness becomes a hit though it has Kapampangan lyrics.

The only problem why some Pilipino composers doesn’t preoccupied much of composing songs like pure Cebuano, Chavacano, etc. because sometimes they do not click on Pilipino masses and their investment in composing and making an album for such Pilipino songs does not have a good rate of return neither a breakeven profit.

Actually, the only thing that will make Original Pilipino Music or OPM succumb to death is if the composers do not concur to the present day music needs and preferences of modern day Pilipino by eliminating the English Pilipino songs in the music market and replace them with all Tagalog or multi-language Pilipino songs like Cebuano, Kapampangan, etc.

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