Folk Music In The Philippines

Folk Songs and Singers

Folk Songs are native original music composed and sang by the native inhabitants of a specific country but with the emergence of music trades, foreign music and modern day style of music have alter the music taste of the mass of every country that has been penetrated by imported music.

Folk Song Album

Folk Song Album

In the Philippines, there are some folk songs and singers that do not remain behind the curtains of the modern day music limelight but there are some folk singers and folk song that doesn’t remain backstage and succeeded to go into the mainstream, like Joey Ayala and his folk song “Karaniwang Tao”; Freddie Aguilar and his song “Anak”; the Asin Band and their folk songs “Orasyon”,” Masdan Ang Kapaligiran”, and their other good folk songs; Bayang Barrios and his folk song “Malayo Man,Malapit Din”, and other  Filipino folk songs and singers which hits the Filipino mass up until now.

However, these folk singers and their traditional Philippine music have been eclipsed in popularity and revenue by the new modern music today in the Philippines. That is why those who love the traditional Philippine music of Filipino folk songs concluded that the Original Pilipino Music has died. But in the contrary, it never actually died because they are still available on the selective music stores and still played on the radio airwaves but sometimes only in a scheduled day. Anyway, any interested Filipino composer could revive them and gave them a contemporary touch.

The Album of Freddie Aguilar

Freddie Aguilar's Album

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