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Comedy Shows and Comedians In the Philippines

They say laughter is the best medicine because it relieves us from stress; stress that brings us down to our knees, for when one experience happy feelings, one’s energy is boosted and the body produce a feel good hormones which has some good effects on one’s body. Thus, laughing and being happy was coined to be a best medicine.

However, in the Philippine entertainment industry, comedy shows are slowing dying out of the primetime but was only resuscitated by other networks to give it a brand new style, but it seems it keeps on falling out of the ratings game. And because of this, comedians also lose their entertainment jobs. The question now is why does comedy shows in the Philippine television is trying to phase out itself from the limelight of Philippine TV?

Ms. Eugene Domingo

Ms. Eugene Domingo

My wild guess is that, the comedy script on the comedy shows are already becoming obviously unrealistic or force and not natural punch lines that makes people laugh and they have very familiar, repetitive and predictable comedy scripts which the audiences already fed up with. Moreover, old comedians were also a minus factor because the audience already knew their comedy acts and styles which already make the comedy show already boring and dull.

Ms. Angelica Panganiban

Ms. Angelica Panganiban

Philippine TV audience need fresh comedy scripts that is never heard before and fresh comedy faces that fires unpredictable comedy lines which truly makes the audience laugh. This is indeed true when the new comedy actress Eugene Domingo becomes a hit comedian now from being unknown actress and sidekicks only of the veteran comedians. However, some Philippine TV networks and film outfits bombarded and spam the primetime TV and theatre with her face when they have discovered her viability to make people laugh; which makes her now have no difference with the veteran comedians; she become now too loud and excessively display of comedy acts and lines.

But she is continued to reign as one of the new breed of Philippine comedians in the Philippine entertainment industry, together with another new comedy young actress – Ms. Angelica Panganiban. Like Ms. Eugene Domingo, Ms. Angelica Panganiban also hits the audience with her really funny comedy acts and lines; she too has now comedy shows and comedy films like Ms. Eugene Domingo. Actually, both were paired on the recent comedy film “Here comes the bride” where they exchange and display their truly unique comedy style of acting and lines. The movie is really funny and hilarious to the max.

Here Comes The Bride Movie

Here Comes The Bride Movie

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