Superstitions in The Philippines

Philippine Superstitions

People in the Philippines are known to be superstitious. Filipino superstitions are mixed beliefs that are composed of different kinds of actions and so called ìritualsî that one person must do to avoid something bad to happen or to attract something good. They are a combination of Catholicism, Chinese Traditions, and Filipino Folk beliefs with strong pagan undertones.
Filipinos’ attitudes towards superstitions, is that there ís no harm in doing it so or trying. If it will bring good luck without hurting anyone itís worth trying then.

Though there are superstitions all over the world. Filipinos are notorious for being the biggest superstitions believers. In this article, are compilation of selected superstitions that are categorized accordingly.

Bad and Good Luck:
ï    Encountering a yellow butterfly will bring you good luck.
ï    Do not mend your clothes while wearing them or harm will befall you.
ï    Adorning your dress with pearls means you will shed many tears.
ï    Stepping on a pillow brings misfortune.
ï    If you sit on your bag while traveling you will not reach your destination.
ï    Wearing a diamond protects the bearer from evil-minded people.
ï    Dreaming of fish, trees or snakes means good fortune, money or happiness.
ï    Whistling at night invites evil spirits.
ï    A person who is headed somewhere could not proceed with her journey if she trips on something after leaving the house. Something terrible will happen to her.
ï    If a brown butterfly enters your house you will lose money.

Death and Illness:
ï    Warts are caused by the urine of frogs.
ï    A lingering black butterfly is a sign that one of your relatives has just died.
ï    A wound inflicted on a Good Friday will take a long time to heal.
ï    Do not form groups of three or thirteen because one among you will die.
ï    It is said that the soul of the deceased returns on the 3rd, 5th and 7th days after death.
ï    A falling spider that lands on you is an omen that someone close to you will die.
ï    A widow who caresses her dead husbandís face is sure to re-marry.
ï    If someone sneezes at a wake, pinch him lest he join the dead.
ï    When a tree that was planted at the same time that a child was born dies, the child will die also.
ï    Give away your black dresses after 1 year of mourning to prevent another death in the family.

Love and Marriage:
ï    If you give your girlfriend a handkerchief as a gift it will make her cry.
ï    When a star appears near a half moon it is a sign that young couples are eloping.
ï    The groom must arrive at the church before the bride to prevent bad luck.
ï    The groom who sits down ahead of his bride will be a henpecked husband.
ï    If it rains during the wedding the couple will have many crybabies.
ï    Throwing rice at the newlyweds will bring them prosperity all their life.
ï    Breaking something during the wedding reception brings good luck to the newlyweds.
ï    A person who habitually sits at the head table during meals will never marry.
ï    Women who have moles under their eyes right where the tears fall will be widowed.
ï    A married woman, who wears a pearl ring, will cause her husband to commit adultery.

Money and Wealth:
ï    A house frequented by black ants means that itís owner will be rich.
ï    Anyone who pays his debts at right at night will become poor.
ï    A small anthill under the house is a sign of good fortune.
ï    A white butterfly is a sign of impending wealth.
ï    If your palm itches, it means you will soon receive a lot of money.
ï    Always keep a coin inside your suitcase or bag. If you donít spend it, youíll have money throughout the year.
ï    Give a generous discount to the dayís first customer so that your sales for the day will increase.
ï    Donít set your purse or handbag down on the floor, or you will not prosper.
ï    Never sweep the floor at night or youíll lose all your wealth.
ï    As soon as you see a shooting star, wrap some money in a corner of your handkerchief and play any game of chance, for you are sure to win.

Pregnancy and Childbirth:
ï    If a pregnant womanís abdomen is pointed, her baby will be a boy; if itís round, the baby will be a girl.
ï    A pregnant woman shouldnít have her picture taken or her child will die at birth.
ï    When a woman is about to give birth, place a lighted candle under her bed so that any witches passing by may be seen.
ï    Give an expectant mother anything she craves for, or she will have a miscarriage.
ï    If a pregnant woman eats a fruit from a tree all the remaining fruits will turn sour.
ï    After the baby is delivered, the umbilical cord must be rubbed on the newbornís cheek to produce dimples.
ï    A pregnant woman who eats twin bananas will give birth to twins. To prevent this, she must split the twin bananas behind her back.
ï    Visitors who do not enter the house, but stay or linger at the door, will cause a pregnant woman a difficult delivery.
ï    When a baby lies on her stomach for the first time, place a pencil, paper and a book under her so that the baby will be intelligent.
ï    If a pregnant woman wants to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, she should step over her husband while heís sleeping and all of her symptoms will be transferred to him.

ï    Donít put money on the table while you are eating.
ï    If you eat too many onions, you will become a playboy or playgirl.
ï    If you leave some rice in the pot there will always be something in the house to eat.
ï    Eating ripe papayas everyday controls sexual urges.
ï    If you choke briefly at mealtime, someone far away remembers or is talking about you.
ï    A woman who switches seats many times during a meal will have many suitors.
ï    The numbers of persons sitting down to a meal should not add up to 13.
ï    If you change your permanent place at the family table, the person you will marry have a short life.
ï    Donít stack your dirt dishes one on top of the other or it may lead to adultery.
ï    When a stranger or distant relative arrives in your home, serve him water first so that he brings you only good news.

Numbers and Colors:
ï    A red car is prone to accidents.
ï    A person with dark colored gums is said to be jealous.
ï    If you dream of your friends wearing white suits, it means that they will get married.
ï    Giving birth consecutively to 3 children of the same sex will bring good luck to the parents.
ï    13 is both a lucky and unlucky number.

Babies and Children:
ï    A baby who sucks on her toes means her mother will soon be pregnant again.
ï    Kissing a babyís feet will result in the baby talking back to his parents when he grows up.
ï    Stepping over a child will slow his growth.
ï    A baby must not be kissed when he us sleeping because he will turn naughty when he grows up.
ï    Cutting a babyís eyelashes during her first month will make them grow long and beautiful.

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