Pinoy Play Songs

Bygone But Not Gone

Though we Filipinos seldom heard the classic Filipino play songs like “Leron, leron Sinta”, ”Sitsiritsit”, ”Tongtongtongtong” and many others from children playing in the streets nowadays because they have been eclipse by modern technology of playing games, they are still not gone and forgotten by our hearts singing them when one reminisce the times we sang them during our childhood times when they were popular and hit during our childhood days. Moreover, they were also immortalized in our Philippine cultural books and were taught on our public and private schools and universities in the Philippines.

The most recent celebration and recollection of them is the concert of the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) last November 27, 2010 entitled: “Laro! Child’s Play at the CCP” which features the singing of well loved classic Pinoy play songs like of course : “Leron Leron Sinta”, “Sitsiritsit”, ”Tongtongtongtong”, ”Dandansoy” and “Sarungbangi” together with the exhibits of children’s furniture designed by well known Filipino designers after the singing activity.

The CCP concert last November 27

The CCP concert last November 27

The classic Pinoy play songs were sang in a blend of new melodies that appeal not only to children but also to those adults who experience singing them during their childhood. However, if you wanted to watch the concert yet have already missed it, don’t worry because the concert was recorded live and was produced on a 10-track CD that can be bought on leading music bars nationwide. Let’s wait for its release. The purpose of the 10-track CD is to bring to the present generation of Filipino the taste and memories of the bygone Pinoy children eras, where play station, video games, online internet games, and pop musics were not yet still existing then; to tell our present children how beautiful the old Filipino play songs also compare to the play songs today and to give them an experience of the music, early Filipino children enjoys and cherish back then.

Some Lyrics of the famous play folk Filipino songs :

(1) Leron Leron Sinta

Leron Leron Sinta
Buko ng Papaya
Dala dala’y buslo
Sisidlan ng sinta
Pagdating sa dulo’y
Nabali ang sanga
Kapos kapalaran
Humanap ng iba.

(2) Tong,Tong,Tong

Tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong
Alimango, sa dagat
malaki at masarap
mahuli sapagkat nangangagat
tong, tong, tong, tong, pakitong-kitong.

(3) Sitsiritsit Alibangbang

Sitsiritsit alibangbang

Salaginto’t Salagubang

Ang babae sa lansangan

kung bumirit parang tandang

Santo nino sa pandakan

Putoseko sa tindahan

Kung ayaw mong magpautang

Uubusin ka ng langgam

Mama mama namamangka

Pasakayin yaring bata

Pagtading sa maynila

Ipagpalit ng manika

Ale ale namamayong

Pasukubin yaring sanggol

Pagtading sa malabon

Ipagpalit ng bagoong

These are just sample of the lyrics of these three famous Filipino play songs or children’s songs or some Pinoys called them or categorized them as one of the Filipino Folk songs which the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band will sing at their concert at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines).

The Philippine Youth Symphonic Band (PYS) are composed of young and talented Filipino musicians that promote traditional Filipino musics. Its main purpose is continually immortalized or make alive the long gone but not gone traditional all Filipino music that shape the music industry back then in that era of the Philippines. It is a way to teach the modern Filipinos our rich musical heritage how the music industry back them hears like. It is their way or preserving and archiving the old Filipino folk songs and children’s songs through singing them again and bring them back again into the mainstream public consciousness, which is indeed a very good idea.

“Today, the PYSB is a versatile ensemble of 64 young, dedicated, talented and skilled musicians. Our membership age ranges from 8-24 years old. We have recently finished cutting our second CD with a varied sampling of the band’s capabilities.
By training our youth for an artful livelihood, the PYSB is well on its way to making the community band tradition a viable source of economic upliftment.”

Philippine Youth Symphonic Band (PYS)

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