Ibon-Ebon Festival

Birds and Eggs Festival

Candaba Pampanga Philippines is well known in the Philippines to be the home of variety of migratory birds that migrates on its Candaba swamp during the winter seasons from the respective countries these birds came from to seek abundant food on the Candaba swamp. This natural bird sanctuary in the Philippines is one of the best tourist attractions for most tourist adventurers who are fond of nature’s beauty or are nature lovers.

This February 4-5, 2011, the Candaba Pampanga will be holding their own conceptualized festival, the “Ibon-Ebon Festival” or Birds and Eggs Festival that will surely attract more tourist and gain municipal revenues. This colorful festival whose participants mimics the migratory birds through a colorful bird-costumes is one of a kind festival in Pampanga Philippines, as well as in the Philippines and the Filipinos could took pride of it because it is originally Filipino festival not a “copy-cat” colonial festivity like the sinulog and similar sorts. Moreover, it is not motivated by a religious influence rather by a grateful heart for the migratory birds that choose Candaba swamp as their second home and gave them an income from the tourists who visit the nature’s attractions. The festival will also showcase local duck-egg industry in Pampanga, street-dancing, exhibits, bird watching tours, parade, boat race, Candaba swamp and river cruise at the Pampanga River and “bird kite” flying.

Ibon and Ebon are two Kapampangan words which mean:

Ibon = which means “Bird”

Ebon = which means “Egg”

Thus, it is alternatively called “Birds and Eggs Festival”.

Ibon-Ebon Festival Participant on "Ibon" custome

Ibon-Ebon Festival Participant on "Ibon" custome

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