Ukay Ukay

Is it Ukay okey?

Who says beautiful and rare clothing apparel, furnitures, etc. cannot be afford by the financially less fortunate ones and only the rich and famous could afford it? This is the wonder of Ukay Ukay : beautiful and rare stuffs on less and affordable prize. You don’t have to be financially rich to look expensive and georgeous, all you need is a makeover with the help of Ukay Ukay.

It is inexcusable that if you are living in the Philippines, you cannot find any Ukay Ukay store in your area, unless you are a foreigner who does not know what Ukay Ukay is? Don’t you?

If you do, let, me give you a lecture. Ukay Ukay is a Filipino term that refers largely to used clothing and clothing apparels being sold at the very lowest cost. Take for example, if you buy a brand new shirt from a standard clothing store, approximately between 150 pesos to 1000 pesos will be cut off from your money in your wallet, but in Ukay Ukay store, you got a whooping 5 pesos to 50 pesos only for a single shirt.

Simple Ukay Ukay Store along the road

Simple Ukay Ukay Store along the road

But that Ukay Ukay shirt is not a “shit”, unless the one who wears it before have pneumonia, COPD, or cancer. However, you would not know it even though you insist to ask the Ukay Ukay sellers; but that is the favorite doubts of those Ukay Ukay despisers and detractors.

Yes, you heard it right, Ukay Ukay are somewhat perceived by others as a very dirty clothing which can be worn by those who already pass away in this life or have worn by those who have a terminal illness, sell by the Ukay Ukay sellers where the Ukay Ukay sellers do not have time to clean or wash these used clothings before they sell them.

Ukay UKay Stores

Ukay UKay Stores

However, not at all, for some Ukay Ukay stuff are clean and smells good for some comes from a surplus in a factory or from used and old clothings of the well hygiene individuals who do not have not yet pass away of course neither have terminal illness but only want to discard their old stuffs in exchange for money.

Thus, in buying Ukay Ukay stuff, you should be very extra careful in choosing, lest you wear a dead man’s clothing!

Ukay Ukay Stuffs

Ukay Ukay Stuffs

So, is Ukay, okey? Well, it’s up to the Ukay Ukay Stuff you have bought if they are okey. Actually, there is a favorite Ukay Ukay store in the Philippines which many Filipinos loves to shop this kind of stuff – the Divisoria. The Ukay Ukay stores in Divisoria have fine and okey Ukay Ukay stuffs and some are distinctively rare and cute.

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