The Fashion 2012

Aside from the lingering fear and spreading worldwide belief that year 2012 could be the year of the much awaited event of the religious fanatics, particularly, the fanatics of Christianity, that is, ”End of the World/Judgment Day” but to spiritual mystics it is the “End and Beginning of New Era of Consciousness”, what could be the last fashion sense of the present humanity will wear before the old era will explode and give birth a new era of consciousness on earth if in case the predictions and prophecy regarding 2012 could be true after all?

Actually twenty one fashion designers forecast or predicted what will be the trending clothing this forthcoming year (year 2012) and presented a glimpse what to expect on fashion world on the year 2012 like the spiritual mystics presenting information what could be expected on the year 2012, on twenty one shows (one show per one designer per week) presented by Fashion Design Council of the Philippines on their Annual Fashion Series at the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Here are what some top designers on this fashion gala show has to say about what will be the vogue dress up this coming 2012.

Ferdi Abuel – sheer body silhouettes; skin-revealing clothing with featured lace pants and tiered skirts; and cummerbunds (for men and women?)

Ivarluski Aseron – peek-a-boo bodies and cut outs dresses for women; redefined pantsuits

Dennis Lustico – sheer serpentinas with bows and frills
Alex Bitong – British vibe with Mao suit paired with rubber sneakers for men

James Reyes – bustle and bouffant skirt with ruched bodices

JC Buendia – goes back to classic cream-colored coat-and-tie

OJ Hofer – pink jersey body-huggers

Ito Curata – ruffled vermilion with back plunge dress

Philip Rodriguez – flimsy floral frocks that comes in varying shades of aubergine

Patrice Ramos Diaz – the coming back of Palazzo pants

Joey Escober – canary yellow dresses

Joel Samson – plaid pantsuits

Joji Lloren – tent dresses and origami pleating dress or a combo of the two

Jun Escario – Cleopatra-inspired metallic blocks dress

Jerome Lorico – knitted men’s suiting and knitted uneven dresses

Lulu Tan-Gan – abaca made poncho overlays and tribal cuffs and belts

Arcy Gayatin – peacock plume dress paired with men’s bow-tie suit

Gian Romano – leathered Japanese anime dress

But these are all forecast what people would be in trendy this coming 2012 but of course few only will have to show it off if they could carry the dress lest they will look drag and just resort to what they usually dress up and accustomed to wear. But sometimes one have to comply forcibly on the latest trends in dressing like you can wear anymore gowns today as your daily dress, is not it? or can you wear g-string while shopping in malls today, no more is not it?

To wrap up, according to world renowned Filipino fashion designer in the Philippines, Inno Sotto : “Fashion changes, and Fashion Watch is committed to these changes that are altogether new. This fashion series showcase the creativity of various individual works. It is a show of fashion designers for fashion designers; featuring the creations of the best and the brightest,”

Yup, fashion changes whether one like it or not; one have to comply the latest clothing to wear else what I have said above, you will look out dated or living in another time frame though you are not only because of your own fashion that never changes. Thus, one is forcibly should comply and look for the latest trends in dressing up.
However, there are fashions in the past that can be reincarnated back and be the latest vogue, so fortunate are you if you dislike going on the flow of latest fashion, for you might not know that your old fashion way of dressing up could be the next vogue in fashion.

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