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Top Philippine Seed Producer

Who is here who do not believe that seeds could grow into a profitable abundant tree that not only it could produce and gave ample fruits to many but also nests to birds and shades when the summer sun stand still on center top of the sky? Some businesspersons or entrepreneurs as Mr. Willy Co said when he came up with the idea to invest his money for a seed business. The reason for the rejection is that according to some entrepreneurs who reject his plan is that a seed business is not a viable business because who is anyone who will buy fruit and vegetables seeds whereas, customers or buyers could get free seeds from the fruits and vegetables they bought daily at the wet market? “Duh, it is a stupid idea”

However, Mr. Willy Co don’t mind it if it is “duh” or such a “stupid idea” and if customers could get a free seeds from the fruits and vegetables they bought in the market, for even though one could get a free seeds from fruits and vegetables one bought daily in the market, one still will do a process to make the free seeds already suitable to sow in the garden or field, so it is an additional time unless one do not have extra work to do. This situation has inspired Mr. Willy Co to establish his seed business. He founded his own company and now corporation name Allied Botanical Corporation or ABC, which produces a hybrid vegetable seeds; a hybrid sorghum seeds that produces a crop that is beyond the normal organic vegetables crops like one eggplant that weighed 1.5 kg or a winged beans.

Allied Botanical Corporation Office

Allied Botanical Corporation Office

Of course, their target market are the farmers and agri-lovers who really patronize their seed products because which in returns bring great profit to the farmers who bought their seeds; and his business was truly a successful seed business indeed, being their ABC company as the top leading seed company in the Philippines and even export their seed products abroad.

Mr. Willy Co is actually the First Filipino president of the Asia and Pacific Seed Association which is indeed an additional proof of the success of his seed business and his Allied Botanical Corporation is the first in the Philippines that produces a hybrid sorghum seeds and the top leading corporation that produces it aside from other companies that follow and imitate their success.

Hybrid Eggplant of ABC

HYbrid Eggplant of ABC

A hybrid sorghum seed is a vegetable seed mix with sorghum syrup or the compound on vegetable seeds are mix with the grain of sorghum to form the Hybrid sorghum seed which produces large crops. The sorghum element in the seed act as if it is a natural fertilizer or vitamins that boost the growth of the seeds when planted and growing, thus producing a healthy and large crops.

Mr. Willy Co (2nd from right)

Mr. Willy Co (2nd from right)

But is using a sorghum grain safe? And are the crops that were produced from the hybrid sorghum seed safe to eat? This is the big question of many who first time heard about the hybrid sorghum seeds which of course the manufacturer of it will reason out that it is safe to use unless, there is already a record or fatality of someone eating a crop that was cultivated from this type of hybrid seeds. Actually, not only the Allied Botanical Corporation or ABC use this kind of hybrid seed but also some parts in the world use this type of hybrid seed to boost growth in their crops wherein eventually could gave them sufficient or big profits from their crops. This type of hybrid seed is really viable but what about the health factors regarding eating the crops this hybrid seed produced?

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