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New Resident Diseases

How’s the health of Filipinos doing after back then it was tuberculosis or TB is the top health killer of many Filipinos? Have the Filipinos ‘health improve or degraded downward spirally into untimely death and uncontainable new resident diseases?

The TB Prevention Program

TB Prevention Seminar

We are already knew that tuberculosis or TB is no more on the top of the list of serial killers of many Filipinos but its death rate cause by it, was already reduced tremendously, which is a good news that Filipinos already knew the secret to combat it and fight it back.

The Philippine Health Official

Philippine Health Secretary

However, because the top health nemesis of Filipinos then have retreated and became just a small time health disease now, a new breed of diseases emerge and mimic the former success of tuberculosis. Guess what, here are the fab four new serial killers:

1. Dengue Disease – As we all knew it, this disease is a yearly health problem among Filipinos which kills mostly the young ones or the children. But the Philippines is fighting back hardly to reduce the rate of health casualty of his reoccurring disease.

2. Cancer, especially Colon cancer – this disease becomes popular because it attacks mostly Filipino celebrities like for example, the late former Philippine president Cory Aquino, actresses like Rio Diaz and Chat Silayan, and actors like Rudy Fernandez and Charlie Davao, and others. What a hip and “it” disease, is not it?

3. Diabetes – Ah, this one is a silent creeper killer. Some people don’t know they have it unless it becomes full blown and the asymptomatic sensation becomes symptomatic. This disease becomes prominent because of the emergence of cakes and sweetie foods serves on modern day Filipinos’ meals and important occasions.

This disease is really sweet, first it lullabies you with “I don’t feel any symptoms, I am okey, let’s enjoy sweet foods to the max”, until it suddenly stabs you and regretfully realize that it was the sweet things that makes your health bitter and sour now.

4. Heart Related Diseases – combine all the fab three new killers plus too much stressful lifestyle, you got this! It is so easy, is not it? Thus, those most hard working Filipinos often got this disease. For their too much focus and dedication on their work, they unknowingly abandon their personal health and to relax and enjoy life, thus they often caught this as a reward for their industriousness. What a bitter reward!

The fab four was brought forth by Filipinos’ modern lifestyle: fast and techy.

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