Drugs in the Philippines

Causes of Illegal Drugs in the Philippines

There are numerous forbidden drugs not only in the Philippines but also on different parts of the world; the reason they are forbidden because they bring harmful effects on the normal functioning of our cellular bodies, if taken or if taken excessively. But there are also drugs which have similar effects in the drug market yet they are not forbidden but legally sold, use and prescribe like the chemically made anti-depressant drugs, wherein taken excessively could result either into brain damage, insanity (increased anxiety and restlessness condition),suicidal tendencies, or even coma or death.


PDEA Philippines

The effect of an anti-depressant drug is similar of the effects of the widely known illegal drugs: shabu, cocaine, and marijuana. These drugs do also cast away depression and stress from your cellular bodies, thus making one tune in a happy disposition and stronger-like feelings. The effects are the same, but these drugs are the most hated in the world, but mysteriously why? However, the marijuana is already accepted as part of legally used drug in some other parts of the world. But in the Philippines it is not yet accepted.

Even though there are stronger efforts of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA to eliminate the selling and use of illegal drugs in the Philippines, particularly shabu and marijuana, still the Filipinos keep on selling and using it, secretly. And why is it so?

Actually, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA just only cut and cut grasses when they become overgrown but never uprooted them so that the grasses will not grow again, yet they arrogantly boast they do everything to eliminate the forbidden selling and using of the illegal drugs in the Philippines. I think, they have overlooked the main cause of the use and selling of Illegal drugs in the Philippines or do they deliberately ignore the main causes because they too benefitted from the Illegal drug trade?

Philippine Drugs

Burning 151 kg of illegal Drugs

For me, there are three main causes or roots why Filipinos keep on using and trading these illegal drugs, that is,:

1. Poverty and Financial Destituteness – A very poor Filipino with less education and knowledge will be force to participate or sell these illegal drugs because of the large amount of money they could profit from it. For they do not have sufficient skills to apply on a specific job neither have money even to go to a vocational school in order to gain skills for a specific job.

2. Increased rate of Unemployment and Lower salary compensation – This is due to unmatched skills to vacant or available jobs, and if one Filipino could find a job, the salary compensation is very low and even though there is a demand for an increase, their employer seems deaf. So the resort would be to find any job that could compensate them well or have a higher amount of income to sustain sufficiently the daily needs of their family as well as for themselves.

3. Depression – It has many causes, namely of course poverty, unemployed status, poor income, family conflicts, conflicts on romantic relationships, poor spiritual lifestyle, etc. Thus, some Filipinos in order to combat the debilitating depressive mood will resort to an anti-depressant drug.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency at Work

For me, if the Philippines, especially the Philippine president will focus on these three causes, not only illegal drugs will voluntarily uproot itself but also some crimes.

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