Dengue Disease In the Philippines

Annually, the Philippines have been plagued by a dengue disease especially among its young population wherein they are the most inflicted by the disease. The health department of the Philippines have done its best efforts and ways to reduce a dengue outbreak that happens yearly, through spreading awareness among those who are most vulnerable to this disease – the slum or scatters areas in the Philippines – where this originated from and how to control the mosquito carrying dengue disease from laying eggs and multiplying the dengue disease it carries within the archipelago.

The Scatter areas in the Philippines

Slum Areas

Recently, there are reports or news of  Filipinos being inflicted by this disease ,however, its outbreak have been minimized as it was reported that the rates of dengue case today or this year 2010 have been reduced compared to the last years.

The outbreak begins when rainy days in the Philippines starts because that is are the days where streets and any empty unattended or abandon container either on garbage damp or anywhere it is dump was filled with waters which becomes eventually stagnant, thus creating a breeding grounds for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in it. Of course, though one strive to keep it clean and drain all their water containers within their areas, those damp water containers especially on garbage damps near a community are sometimes overlook which causes some dengue cases.

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